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Blessing-Lama JamYang’s Tangka art

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
31 December, 2019
10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
31 December, 2020
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Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery cordially invite you to join Blessing – Buddhist Culture and Thangka Art.

Art of Nature will showcase nearly 50 pieces of Master Lama Jamyang’sThangkas, including a 6-meter long Thangka and exquisite line drawings of Buddha. His experience and spirit move all those who have heard of his story. In a society consumed by practicality and impulsivity. Art of Nature wishes to share his unrelenting characters and boundless wisdom through his artworks. This tour also showcase Buddhist Art section with artworks from Hui Yan Ki, and Aisin Gioro‧Hangkam.

1. Limited Edition Drolma Print
2. Limited Edition The Story of MasterZongkaba Print
3. Limited Edition Chenrezig Sadhana Print

Buddhist cultural artworks and prints will be available on site for a limited period of time.

Lama Jamyang

Master Lama Jamyang is extremely talented, learned in Buddhism and take spreading Buddhism as his own responsibility. He was born on 8th February(lunar calendar) 1975, which is also the Parinirvana Day. He is devoted to practicing Buddhism and became well-versed in Vajrayana and Manjushri. Master Lama Jamyang draws his inspiration from the core of the sutras. Every chanting endows him with infinite imagination of photographic and vivd images. on the level of alaya-vijnana, his blessed hands depict the benevolence of Buddha and bring him to life. An achieved Thangka master, Master Lama Jamyang’s line drawings are elegant, unctuous, splendid, humanized yet unearthly. Every expression and posture of the Buddha is effortlessly lifelike and joyful. His works, with their unique religious themes and Tibetan artistic styles, touch many hearts. Many of his admirers are blessed to listen to the teachings of Buddhism and become a pious follower. Let us embrace ourselves and enjoy the beautiful and wise Buddhist language Master Lama Jamyang creates with his brushes.


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