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‘A Touch of Glass’

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
9 April, 2015
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
9 May, 2015
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The first in an occasional series of exhibitions curated around the theme of materials in art, this visually arresting exhibition explores new possibilities offered by glass as a medium through the eyes and hands of two of Europe’s leading artists.   ‘A Touch of Glass’ brings together a body of new work by gallery artists Michal Macku and Angela Glajcar linked by their stylization of contrasts and the absence of colour. The sensory impact of light reflections on their creations creates an almost poetic spatial experience comprising both delicacy as well as strong definition.
Transparency and space experienced through a material that is fragile and light characterize Angela’s oeuvre. Well known for her paper sculptures, the artist has recently discovered ‘glass fabric,’ which she now uses extensively especially in installations. Her most recent work, WithinThe Light, is currently set up in Southwark Cathedral, London. Says the artist, “Each single panel of glass fabric is irreversibly transformed by the act of cutting or pulling out and, as a result, is no longer whole, no ‘blank paper’. By lining up individual elements, new impressions arise as does, simultaneously, a look back. Neither a tunnel nor a vista is formed, nor a view into the future created, but a face that is filled. All my works are a memory of an inward view and a return to the past. It is never a full restitution; thereby remaining an impression which arises only by experiencing the flow of time.”   Michal Macků continues to draw his inspiration from the human form, with its contrasts of perfection and fragility, its complexity and transitionary nature. The subject and object of his work, he celebrates the human body in graphic tones with a complex interplay of light and dark, positive and negative, in his unique three-dimensional photographic sculptures.

About the Artists

Angela Glajcar (b. 1970)

Making her debut with Karin Weber Gallery, contemporary sculptor Angela Glajcar was born and still lives in Germany. Her work embodies sculpture and installation, it examines the way in which space is experienced. Traditionally working with paper, Glajcar gives it a strong sculptural presence by ripping and perforating it, using vertically hung sheets of white paper to produce impressions of great depth. Although for Angela Glajcar paper was initially the material with which she was able to express herself perfectly, she came to realise its limitations with regard to outdoor installations, which is when she first engaged with glass fabric. The tissue is cut with scissors and individual strands are picked out using tweezers. In contrast to paper, glass fabric is point elastic, so that it is easier to curve. More easily activated than paper, glass fabric works can, depending on air currents at the place of installation, almost be described as kinetic objects. Sometimes described as frozen movement, the glass fabric works thus take the artist one step further. The objects not only depict movement, but actually present a curving, flowing motion. Angela Glajcar is a graduate of the Academy of Visual Arts in Nuremberg, Germany and has subsequently received numerous awards and scholarships. She has exhibited and received commissions internationally with large-scale installations created in public and private venues throughout Europe and America.

Michal Macků (b. 1963)
Czech born Michal is a graduate of the Polytechnic Institute in Brno and the Institute of Art Photography in Prague. His fascination with photography started at the age of fifteen and has been a lifelong passion since then. In 1989, he created his own unique photographic technique called ‘Gellage,’ a synthesis of the words gelatin and collage. This technique consists of a complex chemical removal of the gelatin emulsion from photographic film and transferring it onto wet paper, completely re-elaborating the previous visual outcomes. By this deconstructing and constructing process, Macků multiplies and tempers the image, which is often his self-portraiture. All his works – gellages, carbon prints and glass objects – use the human body as a symbolic reference to historical and political events that have impacted his life. This is Michal’s second show at Karin Weber Gallery.

Marc Lepilleur (b. 1968)
Being attracted by the wide range of possibilities brought by glass material, and by the technical challenges, Marc Lepilleur studied at CERFAV (Centre Européen de Recherche et de Formation au Arts Verriers). He combines glass material with color pigments, while playing with light, volumes, and surfaces. Marc is mostly inspired by nature, making reference to the four elements, the mineral or organic world. He was the winner of sculpture art award at Cholet Art fair in 2010.



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