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Akihiro Furugaki Solo Exhibition

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15 July, 2021
30 July, 2021
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Galerie Koo takes great pleasure in announcing its exciting solo exhibition of Akihiro Furugaki, a Japanese potter. The exhibition will showcase a series of works with ceramics, drawing inspiration from the sky and sea of Kagoshima.

Akihirio Furugaki is one of the few artists in the world who painted in precise detail using a delicate technique – “Yurikingsinsai” technique which is an original Japanese craft technique created at the start of the 20th century. Its ability to stop silver leaf from turning black is its most fascinating characteristic. He has further developed “Yuriginryusai” technique of his own to create a much more delicate work of art.

His main works are satsuma porcelains called white satsuma (shiro satuma) as well as blue satsuma (ao satsuma). He wanted to express the extraordinary clear sky and sea of Kagoshima Prefecture which is the birthplace of satsuma porcelain and made an original glaze by blending the traditional white glaze and his original blue glaze. By using those 2 glazes, he designed a satsuma porcelain that has a mixture of his original blue colour and the traditional white colour. Dakatsu glaze literally means snake and scorpion which signifies the snake and scorpion skin like patterns which is created by the contrast of the 2 types of glazes that each have a different degree of shrinkage.

The “Yurikingsai Technique” is one of satsuma porcelain’s decoration techniques which is a new technique created in Japan in the 20th century and was incorporated into satsuma porcelain. It is made by cutting the gold and silver foil into a specific pattern and baking it onto the porcelain. Then it is layered with clear glaze and baked again. By glazing and coating the silver foil, it prevents black discoloration made by contact to air and keeps the beautiful sparkle of the silver foil. Starting with the technique needed to cut foil, the porcelain needs to be baked many times until it is completed and precise temperature control is required in every baking step. ­Therefore, this technique requires many years of experience and is very time consuming.

On the other hand, with the “Yuriginryusai Technique”, instead of being baked onto the porcelain in the form of the foil itself, the foil is randomly placed and baked a distinct way which make the foil transform into liquid while it is baking. Th­e liquidized silver foil flows and covers the porcelain creating small bumps of granulated patterns. It glimmers beautifully when it is combined with the clear glaze.Th­is technique was unexpectedly formed from a failed baking process in the Yurikinginsai technique. From there it was elevated and developed into Furugaki’s original expression method.

One glance of his work and the viewer will be drawn into the world of porcelains no one has ever seen. He has held several private exhibitions in Tokyo, Kyoto and Kagoshima. His works have been highly valued for their beautiful and delicate style from home and overseas customers. His talent is also recognized with numerous awards and achievements in Japan, and is highly acclaimed not only in the world of porcelains of Japan but internationally as well.


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