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Alisan Fine Arts @Art Basel: Booth 3C38

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
15 March, 2015
12:00 am - 9:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
17 March, 2015
Event Category:

Ink Demonstration by Wei Ligang on 14 March 2015, 4-5pm

Alisan Fine Arts has been a pioneer in the field of Contemporary Chinese Art and New Ink Art for over 30 years. Our exhibition at Art Basel Hong Kong 2015 focuses on modern ink art, a medium that recently has gained much deserved attention in the international art world. We are featuring new works by seven Chinese ink innovators who work in various styles including abstract landscape, nudes, modern calligraphy, and even sculptures and installation, which can be interpreted as three-dimensional, ink paintings.

 Walasse Ting – Renowned artist (1948 -2010)

One of the most renowned overseas painters, Ting’s passion for life isrevealed in his paintings. Pretty women and flowers fascinated him. His bright colours are impeccable but his use of ink and line remind the viewer of his Chinese roots. After studying briefly at the Shanghai Art Academy, Ting left for Paris at the young age of nineteen and travelled to New York in 1958. Befriending CobrA artists in Paris and American artist Sam Francis in America, Ting was strongly influenced by Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. By the 1970’s, he began painting woman nudes and flowers, developing a distinct style that we are so familiar with today.   

Alisan organized Ting’s first show in 1986 in Hong Kong and has since held 11 solo shows for him; the most recent one in 2010 to celebrate his life.

Gao Xingjian – The Nobel Laureate (born 1940 Ganzhou, Jiangxi, China)

Internationally recognized Chinese painter, screenwriter and author, Gao currently lives in Paris and is the Nobel Prize Winner for Literature in 2000, for his book “Soul Mountain”.  To him painting is another art form to express his inner vision. At our booth, we will display his most recent paintings, which portray distant mountain ranges. The various shades of ink wash from subtle greys to jet-blacks suggest misty landscapes from nature in an abstract way. Prof Michael Sullivan commented, ”Gao Xingjian’s landscapes are utterly different…It was so simple, so poetic, so profound…” (2001)

Alisan Fine Arts has been representing Gao Xingjian since 1994, organizing his first Hong Kong solo exhibition in 1996, and four more solos between 1998-2008, including a New York exhibition in 2004.  More recently we have shown his works at the Hong Kong International Antique & Art Fair 2009, and Art Basel 2013, 2014.

Wei Ligang – Abstract Calligraphy(born 1964 Datong, Shanxi, China)

Wei is one of China’smost distinguished artists in abstract calligraphy. In 2005, he received a fellowship from Asian Cultural Council and made his first trip to the United States on a cultural exchangeprogramme. There he had the opportunity to work with professionals in his field, such as American abstract artist Brice Marden. Since then, he has continued his exploration in the field of modern calligraphy.      

We will display a selection of Wei’s recent works including his iconic Chinese ink and gold series. The paintings either in black calligraphy, red calligraphy or gold calligraphy are paired with opposing black or gold backgrounds.The fluid yet bold characters are from classical Chinese poems but combined with gold, the paintings are transformed to powerful, abstract and modern images.

Alisan Fine Arts held a solo exhibition for him in 2006 and will have his second solo exhibition from 7 March-18 April 2015 at the gallery. Wei Ligang will give an ink demonstration at our booth 3C38 on 14 March 4-5pm.

Yang Qi – Zen with German Expressionism(born 1952 Wuhu, China)

A Chinese diaspora artist in Germany, Yang’s unique concept “Zen with German Expressionism” is related to his strong Chinese and German cultural background. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts at Normal University Anhui, China in 1982. He moved to Germany after 1987 where he obtained Doctor of Art Philosophy at University Heidelberg in 1996. Expressionism is a modernist movement, originating in Germany in 1920s. Expressionist artists emphasize their emotions in the paintings and are particular about lines, colours, composition and technique. China’s Zen emphasizes insight into Buddha-nature and the personal expression of this insight. Yang merges these two theories naturally. His paintings are full of philosophical thinking. Yang has had more than 50 solo exhibitions in Germany since 1989 and his first solo exhibition in National Art Museum of China, Beijing in 2005. More recently in 2013, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art held his very successful solo exhibition “Homeland”.

At our booth, we will include paintings from his recent Shanghai show. Long hanging scrolls feature a delightful composition of men and women figures made of a few simple brush strokes and colours, reflecting the mood of the day and express the feelings of the artist’s homeland.

Zhang Yirong – Promising artist(born 1979 Shaanxi China)

Young woman Chinese ink painter, Zhang has studied under internationally acclaimed artist, Liu Dan since 2005. With his guidance, she has created meticulous paintings of butterflies. A single ink butterfly fills the paper in its entirety, perfectly capturing the distinctive wings, striped antennae, even the hair on its abdomen.The composition is unique and powerful. The painting uses classical technique but was a modern interpretation to make it new and fresh.

Under the influence of her artist father, Zhang started painting at a young age.  She obtained BA from Communication University of China, Beijing in 2001, and MA from Peking University in 2008. She has had exhibitions in USA, China and Hong Kong, including our recent group show in 2014, “Beyond the Jade Terrace” showcasing four young woman Chinese artists.

Man Fung-yi – Fashionable installation (born 1968 Hong Kong)

Local Hong Kong woman artist, Man focuses on sculpture and installation work. Her famous “Cheongsam” sculpture series was previously exhibited at Louis Vuitton in Taipei 2014, in Hong Kong and Singapore in 2013. At our booth, we will display Man’s latest works, including one ink installation, consisting of burnt marks on a long scroll of silk, and one clothing sculpture, made of brass mesh in gold.

She created the burnt marks on silk series by using a special technique, which is inspired by embroidery, a traditional Chinese form of needlework. The burnt series has been exhibited at Hong Kong Museum of Art in 2008, and at “8th International Ink Biennale of Shenzhen” Guan Shanyue Art Museum in 2013, and was recently acquired by M+ for their collection.

Man graduated from Chinese University’s Department of Fine Arts in 1990, obtained her Master of Fine Arts in 1999 and Master of Arts (Daoism), Cultural & Religious Studies in 2008 from Chinese University of Hong Kong. Alisan Fine Arts has been representing her sculptures since 2007.

Mok Yat-san – Ink sculpture (born 1968 Guangzhou China)

Also an outstanding local sculptor, Mok is the president of the Hong Kong Sculpture Society. He graduated from Department of Fine Arts at CUHK in 1993, obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (First Honour) in 2004. From 2006-2011, he has been a senior instructor at the Department of Fine Arts, CUHK. Recently, he has been working as a part-time lecturer and a full-time artist devoting his time to his art.

Working in stainless steel, Mok branches out from a traditional Chinese approach to develop his own distinctive style. One of his artworks at our booth, the “Cultivation of Ink Art” sculpture is a three dimensional Chinese scroll painting, with motifs of a bird, a butterfly, a vase and a scholar rock. This is our second time we are showing his sculptures with his wife Man Fung-yi’s works at Art Basel Hong Kong.


Private View

Friday, March 13, 2015, 6pm to 9pm (by invitation only)
Saturday, March 14, 2015, 12 noon to 4pm (by invitation only)
Sunday, March 15, 2015, 12 noon to 1pm (by invitation only)


Saturday, March 14, 2015, 4pm to 9pm

Public Days

Sunday, March 15, 2015, 1pm to 8pm
Monday, March 16, 2015, 12 noon to 8pm
Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 12 noon to 5pm


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