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And then we are strangers again – Vivian Ho

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
8 June, 2017
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
22 July, 2017
Event Category:

A22 Art Gallery is pleased to announce that our new gallery in Hong Kong, located at 20 Gage Street, Central, will open its door to public from June 8, 2017. In the meanwhile, the gallery will bring Hong Kong artist Vivian Ho’s solo exhibition called “And then we are strangers again” in the gallery. The opening ceremony will begin at 6 pm on June 8, in the presence of the artist and the gallerist. The exhibition title is based on the lyrics of the Hong Kong famous singer Eason Chan’s song “葡萄成熟时” (When the grapes are mature). As an important part of Hong Kong’s popular culture, Cantonese pop music permeates the daily life of the public. The post-90s generation who have grown up in this background, including the artist Vivian Ho, emphasizes the personality while also trying to find their identity. For Hong Kong people, Hong Kong films, Cantonese songs and Cha Chaan Teng’s are some of Hong Kong cultural icons. As a returnee, having spent time studying in Wesleyan University in USA, Vivian has deep feelings of pride for Hong Kong. She believes that Hong Kong’s abundant life is enough to provide endless inspiration. Therefore, a number of new works of Vivian Ho are described by lyrics of pop song, taking the ordinary city life in Hong Kong as the background, putting the ordinary people on the centre of the stage and showing the intriguing details of life in the contradictions. In the new series, the artist continues her romantic style, the pastel appears like a puff of smoke filling the paper yet never to disappear. Hong Kong people, as subjects, feature more prominently in her works, triggering the audience’s imagination. In addition, the artist focusses on the combination between pastel and mixed media for this series. The narrative of the pictures relies more on the storytelling and integrity, to guide the public to reflect on the situation of human life, living environment, society and the relationship with the other individuals.


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