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Art Gallery Night: Visions in Motion

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25 March, 2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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As part of the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association’s “Art Gallery Night”, Puerta Roja invite you to the group exhibition, Visions in Motion. 

Visions in Motion curates a dialogue between artists who have previously exhibited in major solo-shows at Puerta Roja and provides a condensed physical map of the gallery’s development over the last eight years. The exhibition highlights Puerta Roja’s distinctive focus on process driven artistic practices that pursue conceptual and intellectual integrity whilst engaging the viewer through powerful aesthetics. The exhibition also reflects the gallery’s philosophy to juxtapose works by master, mid-career and emerging artists.

(Hong Kong – 13 Feb, 2019) Op and Kinetic works by 95-year-old Franco-Venezuelan master Carlos Cruz-Diez will be exhibited alongside paintings and sculptures by the next generation of contemporary artists; detailed repetitive works by Javier León Pérez (Spain), laser-cut paper drawings by María García-Ibáñez (Spain / Mexico), bamboo mobiles by Laurent Martin ‘Lo’ (France / Spain), optical paintings by Mariano Ferrante (Argentina) and “nature made” paintings by Fernando Prats (Chile).

From Carlos Cruz-Diez, the exhibition presents works from the Physichromieseries developed in 1959 which have captured the imagination of viewers across Asia through multiple museum shows and since their representation by Puerta Roja in 2016. As the viewer moves around the works, colour dissolves and oscillates from one chromatic range to another, generating virtual colours not present in the support.

Bird Paintingsby Fernando Prats record a bird’s flight on smoked canvas. Prats is the latest addition to Puerta Roja’s robust stable of artists, his first solo-exhibition titled Nature Paintingsin Hong Kong was held from November 2018 to February 2019. Also captivated with the forces of nature, Laurent Martin ‘Lo’ returns with new bamboo mobile sculptures following his first solo-exhibition in Hong Kong, Zhu Qi [竹氣], held by Puerta Roja in 2018.

Three younger artists, Javier León Pérez’s, María García-Ibáñez and Mariano Ferrante, explore the movement of the hand in relation to organic or mathematical patterns. In a span of a few years, they have made significant developments in their careers. Since their first solo-shows at Puerta Roja, they have exhibited alongside internationally acclaimed artists and their work has become part of collections in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines and Korea.

Whether the artists use the movement of the viewer, the illusion of movement, the movement of light, the movement in nature or the movement of the artwork itself, they all conjure a fluid and hypnotising sensation that only exists through the observers’ experience.


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