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In the Age of New Media, Why Still Paint? | Artist Talk | Kapok20

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13 May, 2021
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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In the Age of New Media, Why Still Paint?
In a tumultuous world, with social media driving instantaneous action and reaction to our screens, what remains for the paintbrush and canvas? Is there room for patient observation, interpretation and expression at a time like this? Our discussion addresses this existential threat, and asks whether lockdown has caused painting’s renaissance, allowing the world once again to slow down and to recognise the power of this more contemplative art form.
In the midst of Halley Cheng’s exhibition Kapok20 at Ora-Ora, three artists reflect on painting’s evolving role as a first response to the world around us. Is the functional ubiquity of technology in lockdown detrimental to new media, and conducive to a re-evaluation of the role of painting? Or has the world irrevocably changed, leading to an inevitable decline of the painterly tradition? What are the medium’s advantages and limitations? Join us on May 13 for a lively discussion on this theme with three leading Hong Kong artists: Halley Cheng, Kurt Chan and Hung Keung.
Kindly note that registration for the talk is required.
Please contact us at [email protected] or call +852 2851 1171 with your full name and contact number to RSVP your attendance.


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