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‘Back to nature’ by Marc Progin

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
5 June, 2020
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
5 July, 2020
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Back to nature 回歸自然 | Marc Progin

Exhibition Dates: 5 June – 5 July 2020
Opening Reception: Friday 5 June, 6-8pm
Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday 11am to 6pm

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Artist Talk with Marc Progin
RSVP required | First come first serve basis
Conducted in English – Cantonese translation available on request
Saturday 6, 13, 20, and 27 June, 11-12.30pm

Venue : Blue Lotus Gallery
28 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Enquiry : [email protected] | www.bluelotus-gallery.com


About the exhibition:

Back to Nature is to be where nothing else counts and exists than the moment 

and the place where you are; 

where an hour lasts a full day, where pollution is an unknown word; 

it is to be in a vast land of exceptional quality 

that has remained as natural as it was at in the beginnings of time, 

where man is rarely seen, 

where the air is odourless, 

the rain a beverage 

and the celestial bodies companions.

Once you are there, there is no ‘elsewhere’, only a horizon beyond which you don’t want to see.

Back to nature is a photographic journey through Mongolia, with Marc Progin, that bypasses the walls of societies and the cities to enlarge our horizon and reconnect with the 3 worlds that are the sky, the earth and nature. It is at the same time while travelling in open space, to enter your inner self; to discover the beauties of nature and awaken those who sleep in you.  It is to find the human essence, from where we came from and to give a reason to our life, learn for what else we are on earth than to live.

Travelling the seasons, across the deserts, the mountains and the Steppe, you will meet on the way with nomads, the wildlife, migrating birds, the hunters and ride on camel or horse back along with their caravans.

To sum up, Back to Nature is meant to start your mother clock, 

the one that nature had given you at birth.  

Have a nice journey.

The world has been in lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic and longing for connection to other human beings, animals and the earth as well as a strong pull towards working the land and rural living is emerging everywhere. This has been a time for re-evaluating many of the basic elements we accept to be ‘normal life.’ The global anxiety caused by climate change and the daily destruction and suffering being witnessed en masse results the questions being asked about modern existence and consumption are ever louder and more urgent. These sentiments echo Progin’s personal call toward Mongolia and his subsequent photographic work and written prose act as an antidote to the chaos around us. Listening to the wisdom of the still living ancient tribes and cultures offers guidance in times where action appears meaningless. Art and Nature have the ability to heal and to enlighten and this exhibition is deeply tuning-in to both.

Back to Nature marks Progin’s first solo show with Blue Lotus Gallery with a selection of fine art prints spanning a period of shooting in Mongolia between 2007-2019. Half the works are completely unseen and even two photographs have been selected as a special preview for his new body of work titled ‘Cretaceous’ set to be premiered in 2021. 

This exhibition is an Associated Programme of Le French May Arts Festival 2020.

Books and prints by the artists will be available for purchase throughout the exhibition. 



Time has no hold on this man or toward a singular career. Long distance runner and cyclist accustomed to the harshness of the Mongol Steppes that he covers in all directions. Marc Progin is 75. Slender, the muscle dry, straight like a post, he has the physical look of the marathoner and of the ascetic, “I feel good in my head because I feel good in my body.”

The constant search for wide horizons is the red thread of his rich life. Born in a working-class suburb of Neuchâtel, Switzerland in 1945, Marc Progin, a former watchmaker, settled in Hong Kong in the 1970s, becoming a pioneer in the conquest of Asian markets. At the turn of the millennium, the call of the unknown guided him in a new life as a traveller-poet.

Endurance leads him to a more fundamental, inner and cultural quest. The exploration of Mongolia, the original nature where the nomads live differently, without possessions, gives meaning to his life. He travels the deserts with minimal logistics. He explores its history and its paleontological treasures. At this cradle of dinosaurs, he borrows what becomes his nickname: ‘velociraptor,’ named after a species of which he found fossilised remains. Lover of words, erudite, the traveller fills page after page of notebooks with illuminated poetry. His ‘Alexandrine’ verses celebrate the beauty of Mongolian landscapes. They also tell of the spiritual quest of a man tired by the superficiality and illusions imposed by business, consumption and ‘connected’ society. Marc Progin photographs to convey what he sees and feels. In the bareness and the effort, in contact with emptiness and immensity, he clings to what he is, a being reduced to its vital needs: light, a little water and food.

Progin, the photographer, has had solo exhibitions in Hong Kong Foreign Correspondent’s Club and Latitude 22n as well as shown work with Hong Kong Heritage Project and Children of Mekong. He gathers a crown whenever he gives lectures, previously he has been invited to talk at the Royal Geographical Society [HK], CH-Lausanne University [Switzerland], CH-Neuchâtel Academy [Switzerland], American Hong Kong Society, Swiss Business Council Hong Kong, and French International School to name but a few. When he is not behind the camera shooting both for his own artwork or as a Press Photographer, he is often on the other side being interviewed numerous times by the RTHK, TVB, and for Radio.



Blue Lotus Gallery, established in 2007 is Hong Kong’s leading photography gallery exploring Hong Kong culture and identity through. The gallery is the exclusive representative worldwide of Fan Ho, Wing Shya, Romain Jacquet Lagreze and Tugo Cheng.  

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints will be available during the exhibition.


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