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Beyond Boundaries

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
2 December, 2014
6:00 pm - 10:00 am
Closing / End Date:
10 January, 2015
Event Category:

The title “Beyond Boundaries” reflect the cross-boundaries visions of the showcased artists. Most of them have not travelled outside of Indonesia, yet they express ideas, perceptions and issues beyond their own immediate environment.

Stefan Buana

The “Rope of Harmony” series is inspired from the national motto of Indonesia “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” which means “Unity in Diversity” in old Javanese language. He uses different types of threads, dips them in paint to form outlines of faces on richly textured backgrounds. He describes the threads as ropes that join mankinds together in harmony, interlacing love and promoting peace amongst all, regardless of races, cultures and nationalities.

Edo Pillu

Edo Pillu explores the idea of existence and mankind in social and religious contexts; without emphasis on any particular religions as he views them all with their own virtues. He presents the canvas as a way to present a state of mind and life; his subjects floating weightlessly
against a geometric background of nature. His unique technique is inspired from coloured glass making.

Denny Snod

Denny Snod sees life as a game wih humans represented in the symbolical form of a ball. A ball can be played in different games such as golf, billiard and so on as it is flexible in nature. Each game has its particularities, joys and challenges – just as humans do in their own lives.

Tommy Wondra

Tommy Wondra questions the effect of humans on the environ-ment and ultimately on mankind itself in his thought-provoking artworks. Though technological progress has undoubtedly con-tributed to many aspects of convenience and advancement, it has also resulted in the dehumanisation of mankind. Wondra offers an escape through the ”Window to the Soul” as a gateway to self-reflection “What is right? What is not?…”.

Feri Candra

Just as the term “Behind the curtain” is used in theatrical art, Feri Candra has played on it to create his “Behind the Canvas” series. The rapid modernisation and westernisation in Indonesia has re-sulted in the erosion of its rich culture and tradition. Candra’s works are humoristic reminders that every culture has a back-ground forming its structure and allowing its development; this is symbolised by the back of the canvas. The booklets represent various elements of that culture, like hidden treasures not to be forgotten and only waiting to be read and cherished again.


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