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Opening / Event Date:
11 November, 2019
11:00 am - 2:30 pm
Closing / End Date:
16 November, 2019
Event Category:


Date: 11-16 Nov. 2019
Time: 11:00 am – 2:30 pm       (Other viewing time by appointment only)

*** Venues (Happy Valley) : Flat 1E, Yee Fung Building, 1 Village Road,Happy Valley, HK

 Registration & Enquiry (Tel / Whatsapp):   9646 6686 / 9275 0028
[email protected]



< Empathy > Series

The creative concept behind his landscape painting is to hold together the classical philosophy of the ancient Chinese scholars’use of ink. He pursues the philosophy inspired by Du Fu’s poetry. Empathy integrated the invisible spiritual realm into the visible landscape, turned the real life’s hustles and bustles into a world of quietness and serenity. In addition, he was inspired and influenced by Romantic English artist William Turner and Impressionist French artist Claude Monet. He uses Eastern and Western art materials and techniques to create his own rich colourful paintings imbued with a sense of Chinese fusion. His landscapes depict a fairy tale – like Chinese utopia based on natural scenes from his recalled memory. The other iconic symbol found in Simon&’s work is the waterfall. He feels that unlike trees and buildings which grow vertically upwards, water quietly flows downwards to nourish life on earth. As we lived in a rapid city, it is good for one to slow down and focus on a moment of quietness.


< Reflection > Series

“Reflection” is abstract series of works, The reflection of the mountains on the lake. The mountains were an established thing and could not be changed, but the reflection of the mountains seen on the surface of the water would be turbulent with the waves (such as wind and rafting), which could change the landscape and bring about a special visual effect, and the composition used in painting and interesting. Through the reflection of light, water shows the inverted images of the scenery. With ripples on water, the virtual images become surreal.



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