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Castles In The Air

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3 April, 2020
30 May, 2020
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Art has a special role to play in troubled times, where tense situations erupt throughout the globe, anxiety and a sense of pessimism grips the world. Blessed with the gift of imagination, artists can see possibilities where others cannot. Their innate creativity and intense engagement with the world around them allows them to identify a way ahead, finding hope and a sense of optimism about the future where others may struggle.

Karin Weber Gallery is proud to announce our second exhibition of 2020; ‘Castles In The Air’ presents five Hong Kong artists’ personal visions for the future across a wide range of mediums and explores the role of art in creating positivity that can change society. Can art change the way one thinks or feels about personal and social challenges? Can it uplift society by creating small changes that aggregate into a movement? ‘Castles In The Air’ captures the artists’ individual responses to a challenging home environment in a show that touches on themes of human resilience, sacrifice for a common goal, growth and the ability to emerge stronger and hopeful from an environment of adversity.

In Bryan Chung’s National Anthem, participants can generate their very own anthem by employing Magenta, Google’s open source machine learning library. Silas Fong has created a journal containing fictitious future entries, compiled from pseudo history, a history that is unattainable in the present. His video A Message To The Past consists of interviews of Hong Kong citizens living in Korea on the subject of Hong Kong. One cannot help but feel disjointed. Is it a prerequisite to create room for imagination?

Story In The Air by Enoch Cheng recaptures memories of his early childhood in South Africa and uses the quagga, a local, curious looking zebra species, as a metaphor for his life journey. Chihoi’s Trinity With Heaven And Earth I references ‘Doctrine Of The Mean’ in Confucian philosophy. Despite witnessing atrocities, humans take big strides going forward. Stacey Chan’s work 16.06.2019 consists of two million hand-drawn dots on paper and engages with current events in Hong Kong.

Five Hong Kong artists, five different creative minds and imaginations. Whilst some of their work openly and actively engages with the subject of Hong Kong and a brighter future for their home town, other pieces constitute pure flights of their imagination — a hint, perhaps, to all of us to embrace our own imagination to recapture a positive perspective on current events.

About the Artists:

Dr. Bryan Chung (b.1964, HK) is Associate Professor of the Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University. He is also an interactive media artist and design consultant. Chung was the winner of ‘Artist of the Year in Media Arts’ at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards by Hong Kong Arts Development Council (2016), Grand Prize winner in the Art Division of the 19th Japan Media Arts Festival (2015) and the Media Kam Fan Advertising Award winner with the McCann World Group, DBIS Interactive (2009). Recent exhibitions include ‘The Red Scout: Be A Hong Kong Patriot Part 3’ at Lumenvisum, HK (2019), ‘Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Exhibition’, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, Japan (2017), Microwave International New Media Arts Festival, HK (2016).

Chihoi (b.1977, HK) is a self-taught comics artist whose works have been presented at Taipei Dangdai, Taiwan (2019), Art and Culture Outreach Art Space, HK (2019), Gallery Exit, HK (2017), CL3 Architects Ltd, HK (2016) and Art Basel HK (2014). In 2011 he was awarded the Désirée and Hans Michael Jebsen Fellowship by the Asian Cultural Council. His works are held in the collections of M+ Museum, HK and Thomas J. Watson Library of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA.

Enoch Cheng (b.1983, HK) obtained his MA at Goldsmith’s, University of London (2014) and BA at the University of Hong Kong (2007). Cheng is an artist and curator. He is the recipient of Asian Cultural Council Altius Fellowship (2020) and the ‘Young Artist’ award at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards (2017). Recent exhibitions include Hong Kong Cultural Centre (2019), Tai Kwun, HK (2019), Taipei Arts Festival, Taiwan (2019), Asia Culture Centre, Gwangju, South Korea (2019), The Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany (2018) and Hong Kong Museum of Art (2016). He is currently participating in an artist residency at The American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA.

Silas Fong (b.1985, HK) was a gold award winner in the ‘Interactive Media’ Category at the Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards (2009) and winner of the ‘Young Artist’ Award at the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards by Hong Kong Museum Of Art (2009). Recent exhibitions include Tai Kwun, HK (2020), Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, South Korea (2019), H Queen’s, HK (2019), Duddell’s, HK (2018), Videotage, HK (2018), Gallery Exit, HK (2017), Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art, Guangzhou, China (2017) and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan (2015). His works are also in the collections of Soho House HK and the Macao Museum of Art.

Stacey Chan (b.1995, Australia) was a finalist in the YICCA International Contest for Contemporary Art in 2018. Recent shows include the Austrian Museum of Contemporary Art, Vienna (2019), Prsten Gallery, HDLU Museum, Croatia (2019), Karin Weber Gallery, HK (2018), Toni Areal Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland (2018) and Blindspot Gallery, HK (2017). Her works are held in the collection of Uli Sigg and other private collectors.


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