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Colour Heals 色彩‧療癒 | Michelle Chan 陳穎昭

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
9 July, 2022
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
30 July, 2022
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Galerie Koo is delighted to announce its exciting exhibition Colour Heals” by Hong Kong artist Michelle Chan.

Exhibition Period: 9th to 30th   July 2022
Opening Reception: 9th July 2022 (Saturday)
Time: 3-6pm

An unpredictable and irresistible epidemic has changed our lives and the world seems to have hit the stop button, suspending everything that we have become accustomed to. Perhaps it will take a bit more patience before regaining the freedom of movement. Nevertheless, by giving the restless heart a moment of peace and by emptying the anxious mind, you will find that healing is never far from touch. In this post-epidemic era, allow us to bring colourful paintings to refill your heart with energy, anticipating the day when the world will return to normal once more.

“I believe that our inner world is a wellspring of resources, full of insights we have cultivated in daily life as well as creativity we can discover, explore and manifest to lead a more joyful, fruitful, and meaningful life.” – Michelle Chan

Using splashes of bold, exuberant colors, amorphous, biomorphic, organic forms, geometrical shapes, symbols, and iconographies, Michelle’s artwork explores human psychology, emotions, and spirituality, making visible the beauty and hidden gems of the various intricate invisible psychological processes and constructs (including different parts of the Self, and positive psychology of the human psyche such as love, joy, hope, resilience, stress-related growth) in daily living as well as different life circumstances.

For her art-making process, she practices Mindfulness Meditation & Felt Sense Focusing on accessing her inner felt sense and intuition, and translating such personal authentic experiences of being and presence into formal visual elements in her artwork as well as melodies in her music composition. Extending from the tradition of Abstract Expressionism, while her ideas and experiences are mainly explored and captured using acrylic paint, other art forms are also ventured into, including clay, drawing, digital media, moving images, and interactive installation.


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