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‘Day Or Night’: New Works by Tsang Chui Mei

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Opening / Event Date:
18 September, 2021
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
30 October, 2021
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Karin Weber Gallery is excited to announce, ‘Day Or Night,’ a presentation of new works by established Hong Kong painter Tsang Chui Mei, who continues her journey of fusing traditional Chinese painting principles with more ‘Western’ expressionist techniques to arrive at her distinct semi-abstract style. 

The exploration of time and space in Tsang’s works is already implied in the exhibition title ‘Day Or Night (不日不月), an ancient Chinese expression rooted in Confucian philosophy, suggesting oblivion to the passage of time. For the artist, this applies to a time interpretation within her works – they are created within a particular time frame, with a yet to be determined life span – but also constitutes an invitation to the viewer to forget about the constraints of time and let their imagination roam freely. 

The invitation to explore equally extends to meandering through space in Tsang’s paintings. Flat surfaces and multiple perspectives draw directly from Chinese painting traditions and add an additional meditative component to the works. She observes, “Forgetting our dimension through a depiction of the chaotic imagining of time and space lets our minds wander afar.” 

Against their dreamy backdrops, recognisable subjects such as mountains, skylines, rocks and trees are interspersed with repetitive, geometric shapes, inspired by the glass shards and debris the artist encounters on the daily journey to her studio. Nature is the essence of Tsang Chui Mei’s artistic practice. The increasing use of fragments and patterns in her work pay tribute to the dynamism of nature and its energy flows, but also manifest her concerns around the increasing strain the human population is imposing on its natural environment. Says the artist, ”Paintings provide a resting place for my emotions towards nature and a medium for deep concern.” 

About the Artist:

Tsang Chui Mei (b.1972, Hong Kong) obtained her Bachelor and Master degrees in Fine Arts from the Department of Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1996 and 2004 respectively. She was selected to participate in a three-month residency program of the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France, in 2015. Her recent exhibitions include ‘Some Landscapes’, Grotto Fine Art Ltd, Hong Kong, ’Purple: Women of Mankind’, One East Asia, Singapore, and ’20/20: Celebrating 20 Years at Karin Weber Gallery’, Hong Kong. She was the winner of the Hong Kong Urban Council Fine Arts Award (Painting) in 1998 and the Philippe Charriol Foundation’s 20th Anniversary Competition in 2005. Tsang’s works are collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Fringe Club Hong Kong, Philippe Charriol Foundation, Hotel ICON in Hong Kong, Hotel Stage in Hong Kong, and private collectors. 


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