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Embracing mutations : Fashionable Wearable Haptic Interfaces – a talk by Dr. Patricia Flanagan

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27 November, 2013
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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Some of the most interesting evolutions emerge from adaptations of tech, at the intersections of disciplines, with hacked or re-purposed technology. Dr Patricia Flanagan’s presentation touches on near-future visions of makers, open-source and hacker culture: illustrated through the speakers vision and experience of wearable technology and smart textiles, the p…resentation gives examples of how artists and creatives are adapting techniques and tools from other fields/for other uses to push innovation forward.

For user interfaces to become genuinely intelligent interactive systems, we must enable the development of interactive systems that can recognize unpredictable state changes, such as emotion, intension, desire, empathy, etc. User interfaces of the future will acknowledge the relationship between people, places and things as emergent spaces that generate meaning through everyday activity and therefore one in which users themselves act as co-designers. As we develop more intelligent technologies what is revealed is how little we understand of the complexity that makes up our own human form. By adopting an approach in which objects mediate human beings and human beings mediate objects we can acknowledge an alternative to the predominant separation of humans and things. The challenge is to fashion a future that is not based on predicting utopian visions but one that is responsive to changing conditions and acknowledges both mind and body.

New opportunities exist in wearable technology, artists and creative individuals from different disciplines are adopting practices from other fields, and applying them to their practices (for example – iterative design, the importance of prototyping or user feedback, crowd sourcing etc). Museums and galleries are one of these fields, enmeshed in the relationship between the artist, artwork and the city, an active participant in the network of things.

About Dr. Patricia Flanagan
Dr. Tricia Flanagan has a PhD in Fine Art and a Master of Arts – Public Art and New Artistic Strategies from the Bau¬haus University Weimar, Germany, and a Bachelors degree in Fine Art from The University of Newcastle, Australia. Flanagan’s prolific exhibitions portfolio includes numerous solo exhibitions including ‘Tricia Flanagan’ ACC Gallerie, Weimar, Germany & ‘Filtern’Dunamaise Centre for the Arts, Portlaoise, Ireland. Her work has featured in international group shows including exhibitions at the Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa, Venice; Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin, Germany; Kassel Documenta Halle, Kassel, Germany; and Back to the City, Newcastle, Australia. She has in¬stalled temporary public art projects in unique and alternative places in many locations across Germany, Ireland, Italy and Australia. Her permanent Public Art commissions in Australia can be found in Singleton, Denman, Gloucester, Merriwa, Mayfield and Kenthurst. Flanagan’s work has been recognised through many grants and awards including the Australian Fringe Fashion Awards, Australian Country Arts Support ‘Regional Arts Fund’ & an Australian Postgraduate Research Scholarship for research into Public Art. Tricia Flanagan works as a freelance artist and designer, she has worked as a costume designer for theatre and dance companies as well as the music industry in Australia and Ireland. She lectures at the Hong Kong Baptist Univer¬sity Hong Kong, the Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany & The University of Newcastle, Australia. She has experi¬ence in upper management in art institutions such as the Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre and has served on the N.S.W. Regional Galleries Association Board. Her current position is assistant professor at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University where is the founding director of the Wearables Lab.


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