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Flavin, Judd, McCracken, Sandback 弗萊文、賈德、麥克拉肯、桑德貝克

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14 November, 2018
21 December, 2018
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David Zwirner Hong Kong is pleased to present an exhibition of work by Dan Flavin (1933–1996), Donald Judd (1928–1994), John McCracken(1934–2011), and Fred Sandback (1943–2003), four American artists associated with Minimalism, one of the most significant artistic developments of the late twentieth century. Each artist will be represented by a focused presentation of his work in a single room, allowing visitors to experience both the commonalities and distinctions in the individual approaches to reductive form, material, color, and space.

Since its inception, David Zwirner has featured critically acclaimed exhibitions devoted to the work of artists associated with Minimal art and is recognized as one of the foremost international galleries to present this work to the public. Highlighting historically significant installations, this exhibition will be the first major presentation of Minimal art to be on view in Hong Kong.


卓納畫廊香港空間榮幸呈現丹·弗萊文(Dan Flavin,1933-1996)、唐納德·賈德(Donald Judd,1928-1994)、約翰·麥克拉肯(John McCracken,1934-2011)和弗瑞德·桑德貝克(Fred Sandback,1943-2003)作品群展,這四位美國藝術家均與二十世紀後期最重要的藝術運動之一「極簡主義」(Minimalism)密切相關。展覽將分別在每個展廳中集中呈現一位藝術家的作品,讓觀眾體驗其簡化形式、材料、色彩及空間的創作理念的共性與區別。



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