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Following My Path – Cope2 Solo Exhibition

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18 March, 2021
18 April, 2021
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JPS Art Gallery is delighted to present, Following My Path, a solo exhibition of new paintings by celebrated street art legend, Cope2, on view at the gallery’s Hong Kong location in LANDMARK. The show is a series that encapsulates the development of Cope2’s artistic journey – from the streets of the Bronx in New York City to international galleries.

A self-taught artist, Cope2 is best known for tagging his name on the New York subway carriages and creating large scale murals on the streets of New York. The presented canvases feature his signature bubble letter and tags, bringing the distinctive sense of rupture and street energy onto his canvases works. The exhibition is a celebration of the artist’s over 35 years of experience in painting graffiti and his contribution to bringing street art into the mainstream art world as well as different culture outlets.

To complete the narrative of the exhibition, the gallery would also transform into the street of New York. By installing a typical street lamp post and a bench of the city, these final touches draw parallel to the public arts of the artists and his galleries canvas works.  The artist’s canvas works for galleries are made with the intention to be hung indoors while retaining his unique throw-ups, signature motifs and most importantly, the rebellious spirit that is found in street art. The installations also enliven discussions in the presentation of street art in institutional settings, creating simulating dialogues between the nature of the art and exhibition methods.


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