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From 3G To 4G

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
3 July, 2014
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
2 August, 2014
Event Category:

Smart phones have become central to our life in a very short space of time. For most of us, these powerful devices have become the essential companion to our every day; if not in held in our hand, then rarely out of reach. This is the focal point of a new show by Karin Weber Gallery; ‘From 3G to 4G,’ which seeks to explore the multiplicity of roles played by the phone in our daily lives. Whilst featuring an ever-expanding range of communication choices, today’s phone offers far more: we use it to express ourselves, impress others, explore, transact, share, or exclude – instantly, on a one-to-one or mass audience level, all at the touch of a few buttons.

Eight young Hong Kong artists and collectives offer their own interpretation of the mobile phone in their world, by translating this into their art. This computer and technology literate generation makes full use of a wide variety of mediums, ranging from more traditional illustrations, or models using everyday materials such as paper or masking tape, to highly conceptual video and sound installations. Techno-centric works such as depictions of QR codes or smart phone apps demonstrate the extent to which a small, handheld screen has already become part of our language and visual culture. ’From 3G to 4G’ highlights the journey of an everyday communications tool into the very fabric of today’s society.

 About the Artists:

In their twenties and early thirties, this talented group of individuals and some collectives are all local Hong Kong residents. Many are recent graduates of Hong Kong Baptist University or the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

Brainrental – founded by Chu, Kevin and Roger in 2010, a collective that “helps create curiosity and a little bit of wonder for all to ponder.” In March this year, Brainrental participated in the ‘Young Talent Hong Kong’ show as part of the Affordable Art Fair HK. 

Elva LAI Ming Chu (b. 1989, BA, MFA, CUHK 2009 – 2013)a finalist of the HK Human Rights Art Prize in 2013, Elva has won a number of awards in her early career and exhibited in several Hong Kong galleries. This is her second group show with Karin Weber Gallery 

Sunday LAI LONG SANG (b. 1985, BA (Hons.) HKBU 2009) – a versatile performance and video artist, Lai’s work has a strong social dimension and often features herself.

LAM Hoi Sin (b.1986, BA (Hons.) PolyU 2008) – a prolific blogger, Sins main creative outlet is the internet, which she uses to share ideas, music and artistic concepts as well as selling hand made and affordable, largely conceptual, works of art.

Edwin LO Yun Ting (b. 1984, BA (Hons.) CityU HK, 2008)a sound and performance artist, who translates his personal memories and experiences into auditory expressions such as compositions, recordings, video and sound installations. Edwin’s work has already taken him to China, Germany, Sweden and Brazil.

Carmen NG (b. 1988,BA HKBU, 2011)Carmen focused on illustrations with a fantastical, dreamlike twist and regularly shows with Karin Weber Gallery.

Rental United – an artist collective as well as a studio name, Rental United is the joint project of Damon TONG (b. 1979, BA, RMIT, 2008, MVA, HKBU, 2013), Stephanie SIN (b. 1984, BA RMIT, 2008, MVA, HKBU, 2013) and Timothy ZAU (b.1979, BA RMIT 2008, MA CUHK, 2010) and a key member of the Fo Tan artists’ community.

Elvis YIP Kin Bon (b.1989, BA HKBU 2013) – works with a range of materials such as masking tape. Earlier this year, he was also part of the ‘Young Talent Hong Kong’ show at the Affordable Art Fair HK.


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