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3 September, 2020
1 November, 2020
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La Galerie Paris 1839 is proud to present FUTURE CLASSICS, an exhibition presents the most recent elaboration of sculpture art by POLO BOURIEAU and photographic work that explores the spirit of nostalgia and futurism by VINCENT FOURNIER. This exhibition is a pleasant encounter of parallel visions between the two artists, their powerful work take the audience on a journey from Paper to Stone, Traveling to Stillness, and beyond the Sky and the Earth. Exhibition duration: 3 September to 1 November 2020, at La Galerie Paris 1839, G/F, 74 Hollywood Road, Central. Meet the Artist at the Opening event on 3 September, Thursday at 6.30pm.

POLO BOURIEAU is well known for his monumental sculptures. In this exhibition, Bourieau presents a series of smaller sculpture works made in his workshop in Pietrasanta, Italy, that he creates a sensual experience for the viewers to closely observe the beauty of precious marbles got transformed into futuristic creatures. Bourieau explores the process by which rough and simple geometric volumes evolve into figurative state and floating landscape with metal cutting tools mounted on a robotic arm, trying to seize in precious and rare stones this dynamic moment of transformation.

Fine art photographer VINCENT FOURNIER is fascinated in exploring the boundary between reality and fiction. In his photo series, Fournier reveals not only his passion for science, technology and their mysteries but also creating and envisioning a fantasy world. Poetic and meticulous, Fournier transforms real venues into utopian-like images. This exhibition presents different photographic series by Fournier, from his space exploration to humanoid robots, and from monumental architectures to the city of Brasilia.

Space Project tells the story of both the past and the future of space exploration, the photographs are a mix of historical and documentarian vision of space adventure with scenes staged inspired by cinema and Fournier’s childhood memories. The Man Machine project is a reflection on how artificial creatures such as robots or other avatars can evolve in our day-to-day life. Kosmic Memories reveals extraordinary architectures, veritable totems of civilization of the future erected as so many signs of a possible elsewhere. Last but not least, for the Brasilia series, Fournier used the city as a setting in which the inhabitants are staged, shows nostalgia and the dream of a future frozen in time.


About Polo Bourieau

Born in 1968 in Nantes, France, Polo studied art at the Academie of Nantes before joining the French stonemasons guild Compagnons du Tour de France. By formation, inclination and ability, Polo focuses a great measure of his creative effort in re-kindling the natural relationship between sculpture and architecture through large site-specific commissions.

Collaborating directly with architects and developers, Polo creates monumental sculptures for the new agora of the 21st century. He believes that the monumental presence in public space confronts and creates dialogue, and it ignites our curiosity to explore the space we’re living in; it interacts with the community and contributes to understanding our concept of individuality, before defining our collective memories.

Polo is fascinated by memories and identities; the way they’ve been built, the way they function and the place they occupy in the intent to regenerate the city. It is in this context that Polo aim to resolve the impossible equation that arises between international pop culture and local identities, and tries to find continuity between architectonic and urban fabric, with always an element of fun.


 About Vincent Fournier

Vincent Fournier is a French artist who explores significant mythologies of the future: space exploration, utopian architecture, artificial intelligence, and living transformation…

After being awarded a diploma in both sociology and visual arts, he studies at the National School of Photography in Arles and obtains his diploma in 1997. His works can be found in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) in New York, the Centre Pompidou Paris, the LVMH contemporary Art collection, the Dragonfly Collection in Massignac, the Museum of Fine Arts of M.con, Fondation Bullukian in Lyon, the ArtScience Museum in Dublin or the Baccarat Hotel Collection in New-York, among others.

“My work is inspired by the dream and mystery side that the scientific and technological utopias echoes in the collective imagination: space travel, utopian architectures, humanoid robots, the transformation of the living … My interest for these themes comes from the aesthetics they create, the philosophical thrill that they provoke but also their formidable capacity to generate stories, always on the borders of the real and the imaginary. This “in-between” creates a floating that allows different levels of reading and leaves open the interpretation. The stories of the future crystallize so many emotions and questions, at the same time children’s dreams and dreams of civilizations. These are stories that invent a temporality between past, present parallel and future. I use the elements of these stories to create images and objects always put in tension by oppositions that come to disturb our eyes and blur the borders: reality / fiction, science / belief, past / future, visible / invisible, natural / artificial … I believe that the starting point of this “obsession” comes from my childhood and many visits to the Palais de la D.couverte in Paris with my grandmother. All these evocations of the “wonder of science” and the mysteries of the Universe have nourished my imagination and stimulated my curiosity for utopias and the field of possibilities. I also grew up in the ’70s and ’80s when the year 2000 was like a huge mountain, at the top of which were flying cars. This projection did not happen, at least not so visibly, but it is I think what made me want to extend these dreams of children.”

– Vincent Fournier, February 2019


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