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Opening / Event Date:
9 November, 2017
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
8 December, 2017
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Corpus Botanica is a collection of 12 new paintings. In the earlier works by Gaël Davrinche, his first flower series named Memento Mori, the French contemporary artist treats the circle of life – dead and reborn to nature – evoking one state to another. In the new exhibition, Gaël Davrinche reinvestigates this subject through new angles. The variety of shapes and colours of the flowers are a pretext for paintings, an optical game of material.

In the solo exhibition in Hong Kong, there are two series, Nebulae and Nocturnes.

The series Nebulae is inspired by American artist Cy Twombly’s unrecognized photographic artworks. The artwork by Cy Twombly show bouquets of blurred and close-up flowers. This deliberate effect allows a distance from the subject and leaves a greater freedom of interpretation. The relation to the work is more sensitive and poetic than reasonable. The pictures draw towards a strange abstraction that invites con- templation. By dissolving the object by the blur, Gaël Davrinche solicits the imagination and the look of the spectator.

The artist also continues his permanent reflection on time, matter and color.

The Nocturnes series is inspired by the tradition of the floral still life in the Flemish paintings of the 17th century. The paintings reproduce the traditional codes of chiaroscuro and offer from the outset an amazing contrast between the realism of the rendering of brilliant flowers and the black background that materialize a space more conducive to mystery. The accents of light add to the preciousness of these compositions where the flowers resemble real jewels of nature. Symbolically, it is also a matter of recalling the ephemeral and fragile nature of existence. The term Nocturnes evokes, on the one hand, night, a temporality linked to the dream, an era of the poetic and the sensible, and on the other hand, it translates a classical musical form of Romanticism.

In collaboration with the talented artisans of D’AUCHEL, A2Z Art Gallery presents a series of 8 artworks & clutch bags, hand painted by the artist, assembled and hand stitched in the D’AUCHEL boutique. The launch will take place at Gaël Davrinche’s solo exhibition.


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