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Get inspired by “The Muses”

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29 July, 2021
2 October, 2021
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Art Supermarket is pleased to present The Muses, a group exhibition by 7 emerging contemporary artists: Szabotage (UK), JM Robert (France), Norman O’Flynn (South Africa), Su Zihan (China), He Hongbei (China), Zhang Yue (China) and Abelardo Hernandez (Cuba).

Enrich this summer with the power of Muses. Each face represents a distinct story. From seeing through her eyes and be obsessed with her unique hue. The feminine portrayal by seven artists has performed beauty from seven perspectives. The Muses will retrace the texture, detail, and tactility of the fairy faces one by one.

Muses in Greek is “Mousa”, which means “Art” in a common way. Art is common but not common, just as Art Supermarket wants to bring arts to common life and perspectives of beauty and extraordinary can be decided by everyone. Each of the heroines of the artwork act as the Muse of artists with divergent depictions; some with flourishing colouring shows vitality; some by refined texture expresses elegance; some blended with abstract and unsteadiness presents idyllic solitude.

“Muses” enjoys the same word root with “Mind”, “Mental” and “Memory”, From the portrayal of ladies by seven artists, seven minds, seven mental and seven memories are performed. Solon once said “the Muses were “the key to the good life”. The Muses granted artists inspiration and protection and therefore we believe Muses brings prosperity and connection as well, and inspire people to do their best in the ephemera life.

From 29 July to 2 October, share the blessing from the Muses at Art Supermarket.


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