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Grids and Stones: Landscape as Cultural Self-portrait

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Opening / Event Date:
28 January, 2015
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
28 February, 2015
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Grids and Stones: Landscape as Cultural Self-portrait


彼得 . 倪森 (藝術家及策展人) 與 MAP Office: 古儒郎+林海華、許雨仁、梁巨廷
Peter Nelson (Artist and Curator) with MAP Office: Laurent Gutierrez+Valérie Portefaix, Hsu Yu-Jen, Leung Kui-Ting


展期 Exhibition Period

28 . 1 ~ 28 . 2 . 2015



香港 中環 畢打街十二號 畢打行四零一室


Hanart TZ Gallery

401 Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong

+852 2526 9019    [email protected]


言與物 (策展理念)

彼得 . 倪森


由於對文人書畫的共同興趣,澳洲藝術家倪森和張頌仁在過去五年持續交流他們對風景畫(山水)的當代意義的想法。跨文化的討論如果可以比喻為兩種語言尋找對應的語彙,倪森希望藉由錯落而不準確的近似詞,引出風景及文人山水的既嶄新而又意外的理解。倪森這次策展是被對話啓發。至於倪森、許雨仁、梁巨廷、MAP Office的作品,雖然都受惠於中國文人畫,卻各自擷取風景畫(山水)的傳統為自己的藝術風格發聲。



Grids and Stones (Curatorial Statement)

Peter Nelson


Grids and Stones 言與物  presents landscapes as cultural self-portraits, where the physical environment becomes a coded depiction of the artists and of their time. The curation of this exhibition is inspired by the discursive binaries often used to describe ‘landscape’ in art history, such as  ‘shan shui’ (‘mountains waters’ 山水) or ‘figure-ground’. In this exhibition, artworks are subtly organised as ‘grids and stones’, or ‘yan’ and ‘wu’ (‘word’ and ‘thing’ 言與物’. The ‘grid’ functions as a symbol for creating space, as well as the rationalist desire to quantify it. This is a precarious mathematical ideal because it can both create a new world, but also overwrite all other potential worlds. ‘Yan’ (‘word’ 言) can describe, define and communicate our thoughts, but just like how a set of instructions will both teach and demystify a magic trick, ‘yan’ can overwrite the thought and colonise its meaning. The ‘stone’ is the counterpart in this exhibition, and is also referred to as ‘wu’ (‘thing’ 物).  The stone inhabits the space that we have created, as the object of fantasy. It is the organic object we stare at, and project desires of the natural world; it is the irrational guest of the rationalised host.

Over the past five years, Australian artist Peter Nelson and Tsong-Zung Chang have been discussing landscape painting in contemporary art, with a shared interest in the Chinese literati mode. If a cross-cultural discussion can be portrayed as two languages finding approximations for one another, Nelson hopes that the errors and inaccuracies in his approximations can bring about new, and unexpected understandings of landscape and the literati. Peter Nelson curated this exhibition inspired by his conversations with Tsong-Zung Chang. The works by Peter Nelson, Hsu Yu-Jen, Leung Kui Ting and MAP Office share a common reference to the Chinese literati, but each adapts this landscape painting tradition to suit their particular voice.

Grids and Stones 言與物  is an exhibition about landscape, conceived by conversations between passionate enthusiasts. By accommodating variations in cultural backgrounds and artistic concerns, it celebrates the space where differences overlap, where opinions can be shared, and where mistranslations can inspire new ideas.


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