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Here and Now – An Inaugural Group Exhibition and Opening of Art Store

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11 September, 2020
4 October, 2020
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JPS Art Gallery is proud to celebrate the opening of the new space in LANDMARK with an inaugural exhibition, Here and Now, alongside the grand opening of the JPS Art Store. The exhibition marked an extremely exciting development for JPS and without a doubt, a significant milestone in our standing in the art world. The opening exhibition titled Here and Now is a statement showing the general public the mission and gallery. The exhibition title also echoes the mission of JPS: to foster a creative environment for a new generation of artists and collectors, presenting works of the here and now.

The move to LANDMARK also commends the opening of JPS Art Store. This is a new and exciting project that is very much in line with JPS gallery’s character and mission. While the Art Gallery is running as a traditional way for the audience to enjoy art, JPS Art Store offers a more refreshing and fun approach. Every week, the Art Store would feature new works and products by JPS’ in-house artists, including editions, prints, and art books, enjoying the flexibility that a traditional art gallery would not have. The Art Store is also an attempt to introduce art in a more accessible way, introducing art into people’s everyday life, or even as an entry point for new collectors who wants to try a hand in the art world.

JPS 畫廊很榮幸地呈現開幕展覽「此時此刻」以慶祝位於中環置地廣塲的全新空間及JPS 藝術商店的盛大開業。 是次展覽標誌著 JPS 一個令人振奮發展,無疑是畫廊在藝術界的重要里程碑。展覽主題為「此時此刻」,是向公眾展示使命和畫廊的聲明。展覽標題也呼應了JPS的使命:為新一代的藝術家和收藏家營造一個創新的環境,展示當下的作品。

JPS 畫廊就像其藝術家的作品一樣,在向藝術史上的前輩致敬的但同時也樹立了一個屬於自己的聲音,一個屬於這個時代的聲音。 置地廣塲的新空間亦帶出藝術商店的開業。這個令人興奮的全新項目傳承了 JPS 畫廊的目標和使命。在畫廊為觀眾提供一個傳統的欣賞藝術的方式的同時,旁邊的藝術商店為觀眾提供了一個有趣和創新的觀看方法。每週,藝術商店都會展示畫廊藝術家的新作品和產品,包括版本,版畫和書籍,並享有傳統美術館所沒有的靈活性。 JPS 藝術商店嘗試以一種更容接近的方式介紹藝術,將藝術帶入人們的日常生活中,亦可以作為是年輕收藏家對藝術世界的切入點。


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