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I See: Co-Exhibition of Gedvile Bunikyte + Bai Xincheng

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Opening / Event Date:
21 September, 2018
9:30 am - 6:30 pm
Closing / End Date:
12 October, 2018
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” I see what I feel, I feel what I’ve seen.”

Sin Sin Fine Art is proud to be hosting ” I See”, a co-exhibition of Gedvile Bunikyte and Bai Xincheng.

Lithuanian artist Gedvile Bunikyte and Chinese artist Bai Xincheng have created abstract and geometric objects to incite the imagination of the audience to see what they feel. Both artists are inspired by the paradox of regular against irregular and tangible versus intangible. We warmly invite you to come explore the stimulating experiential work of these artists.

About the Artists

Gedvile Bunikyte
Gedvile Grace Bunikyte is one of those thirsty for knowledge and cognition, whose devoted her life to cracking the codes of logos, nature, and being. She builds her knowledge of philosophy, physics, psychology, spirituality, and mysticism. The way she expresses her reasoning is wordless, symbolic, and abstract, as she has created her own language in drawings; a language which is similar to that of Aristotle’s only because it is presented on a  piece of paper by using writing utensils.

Her works are minimalistic and yet astonishing due to the abstraction and conceptualisation that, if to put into words, would be hard to understand but possible for people to feel. Brilliant Tolstoy’s observation, “an artist is a man who can draw and paint everything.” Notwithstanding that, it is possible to catch the notion of her work. You can see light symbols of nature here and there, and the titles speak for themselves. Still her work is not contradicting or veiled in obstacles, but rather it empowers the imagination and intellect of spectators.

Bai Xincheng

Bai Xincheng trained initially in calligraphy before developing his unique line figures. For him, the line is a highly individualistic language that serves as a point for wandering through the abstracts of psychology. In a rested state or a confused one, the most irreducibly basic elements of the mind inspires Bai to create an immediate poetry and high expressive images.

The unique position of the line in Bai’s art stems from his straining in sketch and calligraphy during his formative years, where orthodox training in light and contrast held no place nor importance in his artistic development. Ultimately, he found solace and inspiration in the simplest unit of the art form : the lines He selects them, balances and orchestrates them so that they can take the eye for a walk through a maze of graphic wonder, which may well begin with the aesthetic traditions of China and end with the modernity of the West.



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