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In Seek of Light

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3 April, 2020
30 April, 2020
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Galerie Koo is pleased to present In Seek of Light–a group exhibition by Manuel Geerinck, Chen YiChing and Ng Ka-Ho; where individual artists capture LIGHT in their individual style of works!

Manuel Geerinck — Born in 1961 in Brussels, Belgium, and was graduated from the Belgium National School for Visual Arts in 1986. The artist in his studio is first and foremost a craftsman, an inventor who approaches art making as a physical and mental activity.

His research starts with compositions on paper and expands into conceptual photographs in capturing the light and movement of his created pieces in an instant, a fraction of a second… these are truly abstractions with a beautiful vagueness!  In 2012 Geerinck won the first price in the World Photography Awards in the conceptual category.

Chen YiChing — was born in Taiwan in 1975, and was graduated with a master degree at Kyoto City University of Arts, faculty of Fine Art,  in 2004.  Chen was a student of Yamazaki Takao, and also study under the guidance of Atsushi Uemura.  Chen derived inspiration from nature using traditional Japanese painting techniques (nihon-ga) and raw materials from natural resources. In nihon-ga the specific texture and colour are produced by the prolific use of precious metals like gold and silver leaf, along with the natural pigment powders, lighted the canvas with passionate brightness and glare.

With great admiration of the work of the work of the impressionists in the late 19th century, Chen moved to France. Chen is one of the rare contemporary Nihon-ga artists in Europe, who has lived in Japan and studied under renowned Japanese masters.

Ng Ka-Ho — was born in Hong Kong in 1990. Graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University.  In 2019, Ng was graduated with a master degree at Kyoto University of Arts and Design, majoring in mixed media.  He received an excellence award in his Graduation Exhibition(MA) of Kyoto University of Arts and Design.

The development process of creating a tangible piece from clay always touches Ng, the progression from nothingness to a distinct art piece…  and with the adoption of the openwork technique, the perforated surface created, leads the internal space of the vessel to interact with the external environment—where during the time of creating, Ng combines the movement when developing, the clay as nature, and the thoughts that were with him at the time; that is, allowing the art piece to capture and gather all the intangible elements such as time, light, and unique transient feeling inside him at a time. To Ng, these vessels are the actualization of Laozi’s saying– we turn clay to make a vessel; yet it is the space where there is nothing that the usefulness of the vessel depends.


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