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Ink: Window to Tranquility · Solo Exhibition of Winnie Mak

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Opening / Event Date:
25 February, 2016
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
21 March, 2016
Event Category:

When flowers bloom, so does dream, hope and soul.

Winnie MAK draws upon her inner voice and imagination to create an exploration of what lies inside when we disconnect from the bustle and bustle challenge of retreating from the urban lifestyle. She employs untraditional approaches to the practice of Chinese ink by giving a new dialogue to the framework of traditional ink. With the lines and rich shades of colours in her ink art, leading us into a peaceful and pleasant world that enable us to freely travel heartfelt moments of the pattern of life and to perceive a mental interaction with Mother Nature.

Winnie MAK was born in Hong Kong. She lives and works in Hong Kong, and creates ink art on a full-time basis. She studied Chinese ink painting and calligraphy in Calgary, Canada in the 1980s. She attended workshops organised by the late LEE Byng, the foremost watercolourist from Hong Kong, and the late Chin Shek LAM, a leading contemporary Chinese ink painter based in Canada.


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