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International Ink Art @ Ink Asia, Booth J9 Hall 3

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Opening / Event Date:
28 September, 2018
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
2 October, 2018
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International Ink Art @ Ink Asia, Booth J9  Hall 3

Private Preview & Vernissage  28 Friday 4 – 6pm,  6 – 9pm

General Public  29 Saturday -1 Monday 11am – 7pm, 2 Tuesday 11am – 6pm

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai

Please contact Alisan Fine Arts (tel: 2526 1091) for tickets


Alisan Fine Arts is proud to be participating in Ink Asia for the third time since its inception. This year, our finely curated exhibition features international artists, Walasse Ting, Fabienne Verdier, and Lan Zhenghui. The artistic direction of these three individuals was influenced by their experiences abroad, giving each a unique perspective on the dynamics between Eastern and Western art. Over the years, they have tested and explored the realm between Chinese and Western sensibilities, blending the cultural differences between the two. Each of these artists finds creative expression for their unique concepts through the subtle, yet vibrant medium of ink. In commemoration of Walasse Ting’s 90th anniversary, Alisan Fine Arts will dedicate half of its booth to showcase a selection of his most representative masterpieces, including rarely-exhibited Western nudes on Western paper, exotic beauties, and floral works on rice paper – all expressing Walasse Ting’s resplendent testimony to love, life and beauty. In addition to ink art, our booth will showcase sculpture by Mok Yat-san.

The internationally renowned Chinese diaspora artist Walasse Ting (1928-2010) was among the first generation of Chinese artists to live abroad in the 1950s and 1960s. Self-named the “Flower Thief,” he is celebrated for his signature, splashy and colourful depictions of sultry women. Ting was born in Wuxi, China, left for Paris at the young age of 19, and eventually settled in New York to develop his artistic career. Strongly influenced by the avant-garde movements in New York, particularly Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art, Walasse Ting experimented with painting beautiful women with the Eastern tools of brush and ink, developing the distinctive style that we are so familiar with today. In addition to ink art, Ting also used acrylic and oil pastel to create Western nudes on Western paper.

The acclaimed French female painter Fabienne Verdier (b. 1962 Paris) is an abstract artist notable in contemporary Europe for her calligraphic brush creations. She  graduated from the École des Beaux-Arts de Toulouse in 1983. In the following year, she became one of the first foreign women to attend the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in Chongqing. In 1989, in recognition of her accomplishments in calligraphy she was made a member of the National Calligraphers’ Association, the only foreign member, and invited the following year to take part in an international calligraphy exhibition at the National Art Museum in Beijing. After returning to France in 1992, she merged the aesthetics of Chinese calligraphy with Western abstract expression techniques, using a self-made Chinese brush hanging from the studio ceiling to create her energetic “Calligraphic-paintings.” In addition to exhibiting her works on canvas, we are also showing her original prints, which were made under the supervision of the famed French Master Printers Michel and Thérèse Caza.

The contemporary ink painter Lan Zhenghui (b. 1959 Sichuan) is best known for his powerful, often large-scale, splash ink paintings, occupying an aesthetic confluence between traditional Chinese ink painting and Western abstract expressionism. Preferring to focus on the relationship of integration and macroscopic processes over detail and realism, he allows the ink to flow freely and paints with bold, kinetic strokes. An active participant in the “85 New Wave” Movement, Lan graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 1987. He then taught at Chongqing University until 1993, before devoting himself full-time as an artist, reaching a pivotal point in his career with his selection for a solo exhibition at the National Art Museum of China in 2006. In 2002 he moved to Toronto, Canada, returning to Beijing in 2007 and then travelling between these two locations.

Mok Yat-san (b. 1968 Guangdong) is an outstanding sculptor who works and resides in Hong Kong. His recent piece Loving Kindness (2017) plays with the format of a traditional Chinese hanging scroll, transforming a traditionally two-dimensional “landscape” into a 3-dimensional work of ink art. Also borrowed from traditional landscapes are his favored forms from nature, like butterflies, mountains, rocks, trees and clouds. Childhood memories provide the inspiration behind some of the artist’s trademark subjects, including the polar bear depicted here. Mok graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1993 and obtained his Master of Fine Arts degree at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (First Honour) in 2004. He currently presides as President of the Hong Kong Sculpture Society.


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