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Joanne Chan x Zongson Zang: Between Us

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24 September, 2020
24 October, 2020
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Joanne Chan x Zongson Zang: Between Us


Date: 24 September 2020 – 24 October 2020

Opening: 24 September 2020, 6-8 PM 

Artist Talk: 24 September 2020, 5:30 PM 


Soluna Fine Art is delighted to present Between Us, a duo exhibition with Joanne Chan (Hong Kong) and Zongson Zang (South Korea). Both artists’ way of expression on emotions through art abstraction invite viewers to delve into a feminine and innermost space of emotions and dialogues. This duo exhibition is a moment of resonance and collision between the two artists. Despite the cultural differences, their abstract paintings with landscape and scenery motifs become the equaliser that brings us together. Between Us will be on view from 24 September to 24 October 2020, with an artist talk at 5:30 PM, and the opening from 6 to 8 PM. This exhibition aligns with Central West Hong Kong, which is a self-initiative event that collaborates with galleries across the Central Western district, showcasing the diversity of Hong Kong contemporary art scene with a tailored schedule of galleries’ programs and special events. 

Graduated from the University of the Arts London – Chelsea College of Arts, Joanne Chan (b. 1992, Hong Kong), through mindfulness practices, creates abstract paintings that traverse between energy, consciousness, non-dualism, and creation. Just as the essence of abstract art, of which artists utilise colours and forms to create an interpretive and metaphysical dialogue with viewers, Joanne highly focuses on her meticulous gestures during the creative process. Through her continuous spiritual practice that enhances sixth sense and intuition, and ignites a passion to pursue beauty, Joanne infuses energy or qi in her lively rhythm and elegant painting movement. Her spiritual abstract paintings guide the viewers to start on a self-reflective journey that provides alternative perspectives of comprehending worldly phenomena and investigate their identities. With works showcased in local and international exhibitions in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and England, Joanne is one of the emerging artists in Hong Kong that continues to gain momentum and establish a reputation in both local and international art scenes. 

Graduated from Yonsei University and lived in London, Singapore, and Seoul, Zongson Zang (b. 1965, South Korea) is a painter who is based in Hong Kong since 2004. Her nomadic way of living in her earlier years ignites a yearning for a sense of belonging, in which she ultimately found in the world of painting. Zang embarked on this artistic journey in 2007, where she started to explore the medium of painting through overseas painting workshops in Europe and the United States. As a perceptual painter, she observes daily life scenes, objects, and people in her neighbourhood, and decipher and translate such symbols and motifs into her artistic language. Zang’s creative process, in a way, is to search for light, in both literal and metaphorical manner. She believes that be they mundane objects or close friends, such ordinary yet beautiful events of life radiate unique aura and luminescence, and thus, Zang’s abstract landscape paintings and portrait works encapsulate its history and her emotional and physical response to it. Zang has been supporting the organisation Rebuild Unite Nurture (RUN), a Hong Kong-based charity that supports vulnerable refugees, and the profit that Zang receives through sales of her works in this duo exhibition will be donated to RUN. 

Joanne’s paintings in this duo exhibition transform intangibles into serene and zen abstract landscapes, employing sceneries as a medium to illustrate her subconscious. For Joanne, abstract paintings provide a creative space for herself and the viewers for wild interpretations, highlighting the possibility of change in art. More particularly, creating abstract works is Joanne’s way of meditation; when she paints, the gestures, material, and colour capture her inner visuals, allowing the artist to go through psychological and creative rebirth. For Joanne, the newly created painting Common Ground symbolises a breakthrough in her career and spiritual practice. As Joanne recalls, 

“I was working on another work called Arrival before creating Common Ground, yet for ten months I was unable to finish the painting due to a kind of emotional obstruction; they were scars and traumas that I was afraid to confront. During these idling times, I had my second solo exhibition and was capable of traversing hindrances that blocked my creative process. Afterward, I have created an elegant painting depicting a pastel island against the starry night with luminous aurora, which is one of the best things that happened to me after achieving a new state of clarity in my spiritual practice.”

Joanne’s paintings, in essence, represent inner growth. Despite the process of growth can be time-consuming and sentimental, in Joanne’s perspective, these feelings are real yet not eternal; throughout the process of processing, one can always see light. 

Compared to Joanne’s paintings, Zongson’s works depict trivial moments of daily life through simple yet meticulous use of paint, colour, and composition.  Her painting process starts from direct observation in nature or in still life she sets up in her studio. As she puts it,

“I usually paint outside for landscape paintings and carry a small board to paint on.  After immersing myself in the environment, I do several drawings to understand visual passages in the scene before starting to paint. A small board allows me to transfer my tactile connection to the location without time lag.” 

To Zongson, her abstract painting is a form of freedom, allowing her to deconstruct and reinterpret what and how she perceives. The way she improvises during the painting process can be easily seen from the spontaneous exchanges between the subject, the work surface, and herself. Zongson’s paintings in Between Us were inspired by ordinary places in Hong Kong, many in pandemic times. The artist embarks on a visual journey to hidden gems of Hong Kong that she has discovered, sharing with the viewers beautiful moments of nature and life.

Therefore, Between Us maps out two approaches to creating abstract paintings. For Joanne, through self-reflection and meditation, she converts her psychological experience into material landscapes. On the other hand, Zongson, through observing external objects and events, creates paintings that encapsulate her inner emotional world. It is also the first time that the gallery works with a Hong Kong artist, demonstrating the gallery’s ambition to expand its Asian contemporary art programs to new audiences. 


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