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Lai Chi Man Solo Show “Chill Out!”

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9 September, 2020
2 December, 2020
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About the exhibition:

Amanda Wei Gallery is honored to present artist Lai Chi Man’s Hong Kong solo exhibition “Chill Out” for the first time. What is special about the exhibition is that there are three exhibiting spaces that echo with each other. We will present a miniature collection of natural images in our gallery space. Exquisite and delicate sculptures such as “Cloud”, “Wave”, “Scenery” and “Sprout”, together with the paper paintings, constitute a poetic and approachable scene.

The exhibition “Chill Out!” is inspired by the three “Chill Out” installations that included marble drops combined with a table, a chair, and a bench, bringing Lai Chi Man’s spirit and artistic achievements back to his hometown. Amanda Wei Gallery hopes that through curating this exhibition, a multidimensional display from paper to three-dimensional, from outdoor to indoor, could achieve a harmonious scene with the oriental spirit and natural image embodied in it. Let‘s return to the fundamentals of human beings and experience the attitude of beauty and peace by gazing at those still drop sculptures: between heaven, earth, objects, and subjects, chill out and ride through uncertain situations.

Artist’s concept:

Lai uses the principles of Chinese lexicography, such as “pictograph” and “compound ideograph” of the six categories as the concept and extends to the philosophy of life, view of nature and their relationship in society nowadays. The artist is also deeply influenced by the unique delicateness and beauty of Buddhist sculpture art, and transforms it into universal values that transcend culture by creating a series of artworks such as “Between” and “Scenery”.

One of the important features in Lai Chi Man’s creation is making good use of any natural resources on earth. Stone, as an essential part of nature, is a precious heritage of ancient civilization; For Lai Chi Man, creation is not about wasting more materials but a way to cherish natural resources: Through applying stones and steel dross, rope, rice, and other materials, he achieves a form of balance with nature.

About Lai Chi Man:

International sculptor Lai Chi Man was born in Hong Kong in 1949 and established in Taiwan. As one of the very rare sculptors who still working on stones in the Chinese art world. After graduating from the National Taiwan Academy of Arts, Lai Chi Man experienced life in Hong Kong, Italy, the US, Netherlands, and Taiwan. Later, Lai moved to Henraux Studio in Italy and worked with Henry Moore, Isamu Noguchi, and Pietro Casella. In 1984, he was invited by Taipei University of the Arts, where he taught in the Fine Arts Department for more than 30 years. In 1989, he presided over Taiwan’s first international sculpture workshop in Tainan City, during which he promoted public art legislation in Taiwan. He had important exhibitions in many countries and regions including the Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Lai is warmly welcomed and recognized by the international art field aa his artworks were collected by series of important art institutions such as Dutch National BKR visual arts organizations, University of Wyoming Art Museum, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, and Japan Hara Museum.

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