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Liang Hao – Unfolding into the Expanse Curated by Tang Zehui

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
16 January, 2020
9:30 am - 6:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
29 May, 2020
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10 Chancery Lane Gallery is proud to present Unfolding into the Expanse, a series of works by Beijing based artist Liang Hao. This marks Liang’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. Curated by Tang Zehui, Unfolding into the Expanse will be on display from the 16th January – 29th May 2020.


The content’s of Liang’s ethereal paintings present the paradoxical of a metaphor both concrete and immaterial. The works place the viewer within a space of psychological weightlessness. The bright and even canvas creates a sterile plane while the luminescent objects seems to melt into the frame. A relationship between concrete and abstract emerges. Heavily inspired by baroque philosophy Liang delves into philosopher Gilles Deleuze’s explication of The Fold. Deleuze posits that our current reality is constantly becoming, or coming into being, therefore folds between the different expressions of the present contain unique reflections of reality. Liang believes that painting is a mirror to life, and thus he uses a mirror within his work to create another layer of perception. The mirror creates a disillusion. Liang explains, “I realized that in fact, I was attracted by another thing — the image of reflection, perhaps mostly because of its spatial attribute, or the attribute of unknown space. If the mirror is presented as a kind of reflection, I think it is a kind of replication of space or image, however the reflection of metal, is like information going from another space, like  data, which has an infinite sense of distance in my imagination.” The viewer is asked to consider ones self within these folds of time, space and materiality. The human form is the subject but is never presented as a whole. The experience of the viewer in conversation with the work becomes supreme. As Liang creates his own world within each painting he is focused on transmitting this same exploration within the viewer. Faces are never seen in their totality and fragments of hands are painted with extreme detail — another reflection back at the viewer. Ultimately, Liang creates a visceral look into the self, ignited by a meditation in the constant metamorphosis of reality.


About the Artist, Liang Hao
Originally from Guangdong, Liang Hao now lives and works in Beijing. Liang’s primary material is painting but the breath of his work traverses into mediums such as video art and installation. His recent works focus on the metaphors of human movement, relationship, and an exploration of identity, gender, and beyond. Liang Hao graduated from Tsinghua University, Beijing in 2012, with a degree in Fine Arts. He has held various international artist residencies, and Notably, Liang Hao was nominated twice for The John Moores Painting prize.


About the Curator, Tang Zehui
Tang Zehui is a Beijing-based curator and writer of contemporary art working in the industry for over a decade. She received her master’s degree in art management from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2010. She held a curatorial position at the National Art Museum of China and was the former director of curatorial affairs at the Red Brick Art Museum in Beijing. Tang is a fellow of the Asian Cultural Council 2008-2010 and is an awardee of the Australia Council International Arts Leadership Program 2019-2020.


About Gallery, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Since 2001, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery is one of Asia’s leading art galleries. With exhibitions that explore both emerging and historically important movements in art in the Asia-Pacific. The gallery continuously keeps its finger on the pulse of contemporary art from the region. 10 Chancery Lane Gallery aims to deliver exhibitions that take time, research and have an impact on the art in the region, as well as promoting contemporary art from Asia internationally.


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