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Magda Mayas x Tony Buck Duo

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21 May, 2016
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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The Empty Gallery is proud to welcome Berlin-based improvisors Magda Mayas (Piano, Inside Piano, Clavinet) and Tony Buck (Drums) for their Hong Kong debut. Mayas and Buck have been performing together as the prepared piano/percussion duo Spill since 2003. Focusing on an intimate exploration of the timbral, harmonic and rhythmic potentials of their respective instruments, this long-running duo explores sonic connections and contrasts – creating a unique blend of keyboard, string, and percussion music. Spill play with the notions of improvisatory convergence and divergence in a kaleidoscopic and fluid manner, often sounding like a single, interconnected, meta-instrument. Their long-term collaboration continues to push the bounds of traditional practice, as their chemistry inspires endlessly innovative sonic dialogues.

Magda Mayas is a classically trained performer based in Berlin, whose innovative techniques expand the vocabulary of the piano and clavinet. Using preparations and objects, she explores textural, linear and fast moving sound collage, incorporating a study of spectral music and psychoacoustics into her improvisations. A teacher, curator, and a PHD candidate at the University of Gothenburg, Mayas has performed and toured in Europe, the USA, Australia, Mexico and Lebanon, collaborating with improvisers and composers such as John Butcher, Andy Moor, Zeena Parkins, Joelle Leandre, Paul Lovens, Ikue Mori, Phill Niblock, Peter Evans, and Andrea Neumann.

Tony Buck is regarded as one of Australia’s most creative and adventurous exports. A drummer, percussionist, improviser, guitarist, video maker and producer, he has been involved in a highly diverse array of projects, including the cult jazz-trance trio “The Necks,” and “Peril,” a 90’s industrial project with Otomo Yoshihide and Kato Hideki. Buck has played, toured or recorded with a wide array of avant-garde, electroacoustic, experimental, free improv, jazz, electronic, noise and classical artists, including Jon Rose, John Zorn, Peter Brötzmann, Nicolas Collins, Tenko, T. Cora, Phil Minton, Keiji Haino, Switchbox, The Machine for Making Sense, Ne Zhdall, The EX, Clifford Jordan, and Ground Zero, among others.


21st May 2016 (Saturday), 8pm

$100 (Advance), $150 (At door)
Seats are limited for this event, please book ahead

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