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Medical and Art Sharing #3 – Dr. W.P. Mak on the Pathology History of OPI with Zhang Yanzi’s “Resuscitation”

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23 August, 2016
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Essence Talk Series – Medical and Art Sharing

While medicine cures the body, art heals the soul.

Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences and Galerie Ora-Ora are excited to present Essence Talk Series – Medical and Art Sharing during the month of August.  In the four upcoming talks, medical professionals will explore various medical- and health-related topics, which closely relate to Zhang Yanzi’s exhibition at the Museum.

Essence is a rare crossover exhibition that interweaves modern and ancient medicine with contemporary art.  Having spent a summer at the Museum as an artist-in-residence, Zhang was deeply touched by the strife, rigor, breakthroughs and passion behind the m edical history of Hong Kong.  As a result, Essence presents a new body of artwork, which not only blends art and medicine on both visual and philosophical levels, but also demonstrates the artist’s perspective on the journey of life, from birth to decay, through pain and remedy.


Date: August 23, 2016 (Thursday)

Time: 7-8 pm

Location: Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, 2 Caine Lane, Mid Levels, Hong Kong

RSVP: [email protected]

The Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences is housed in the Old Pathological Institute, one of the declared monuments here in Hong Kong. Built in 1905 as the Bacteriological Institute, the building was renamed to the Pathological Institute after the Second World War.  A building with an immense history, which has played a leading role in medical research on bacteria and infectious disease in Hong Kong, the third talk will revolve around the pathology history of the OPI and the inspiration behind Zhang Yanzi’s artwork “Resuscitation”.

The exhibition “Essence” is the result of a unique, site-specific collaboration between Zhang and the museum.  With the artworks inspired by the artist’s residency at the museum last summer, each piece not only reveals a part of the artist’s experience during that time, but is a piece of the museum’s history itself. “Resuscitation” represents the beginning of the show for visitors to the museum – angel wings, resting on a medical trolley, a memorable symbol of the exhibition itself.

The story behind “Resuscitation” is one of the most poignant and emotional in all the museum’s history, and one which again reflects the close involvement of the building with the history of Hong Kong. Influenced by the story of Professor Robertson, who had worked at the Bacteriological Institute during the war, this is an exceptionally detail-oriented and complicated piece of installation. Visitors to the museum have been astonished to see how gauze bandages can seem as light as feathers, while the addition of medical herbs and a medical trolley combines two branches of medicine, underlining what they have it common. The work expresses not simply Zhang’s theme of external body pain and providing spiritual solace, but it also embodies Zhang’s respect for the sacrifice shown by doctors and their contribution to the salvation of life.

HKMMS and Galerie Ora-Ora are delighted to invite Dr. W.P. Mak (Former Chief Technologist for Old Pathological Institute) as our speaker for the evening, to not only enlighten audiences with a history lesson on Hong Kong’s medical science development, but also an intimate sharing of the peculiar and memorable stories of the HKMMS.


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