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Michael Anastassiades “Silver Tongued”

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
29 March, 2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
30 June, 2019
Event Category:

SHOP Taka Ishii Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition from March 29 to June 30 of new works by Michael Anastassiades. This exhibition is his first in Hong Kong and second with the gallery. Having been working for more than 20 years in lighting and furniture design, Michael Anastassiades is known for his unique aesthetic highly appraised in both fine art and industrial design. Designs such as “Mobile Chandelier” and “String Lights” have remarked his leading role in the field. His design philosophy is to preserve the inherent qualities of a given material. Through his practice, he aims to provoke dialogue, participation and interaction. Between light and shadow, form and stasis, object and space, Anastassiades’ works are at once disciplined and obsessive with a playfulness that inspires a vitality one might not expect.

The new exhibition will display lighting and furniture pieces designed specifically for the space. Two pendant lights “Down the Line” and “In Between the Lines” in Anastassiades’ signature material of brass, feature linear representations with lighting in nearly 275cm height. “Blah Blah” and “Blah Blah Blah” serve as curvilinear hook-shaped objects coming out of the wall. The stools “Horafia, Kastellorizo” are the result of the designer’s intriguing encounter with a cut section of a date tree. Found during one of Anastassiades’ regular hikes on Kastellorizo, the tree sections were placed on the side of the road by a boat propped up on sills while on repair. They were closely trimmed to the bark and meticulously rounded. 3-D scanned and produced in basaltina stone, the stools resemble early pieces by Lynda Benglis. They represent the spontaneous gesture of creating an object that might at first appear obvious, but then manage to synchronise so many associations that its original intended function becomes irrelevant. The exhibition is a careful and precise arrangement that reaches a reconciliation between the organic and inorganic.

*All other designs by Michael Anastassiades are available upon request at SHOP Taka Ishii Gallery.

SHOP Taka Ishii Gallery很榮幸宣佈將於3月29日至6月30日舉辦麥可・阿納斯塔西亞迪斯(Michael Anastassiades)的新作品個展。是次展覽是他在香港的首次發表,與本畫廊則是第二次合作。阿納斯塔西亞迪斯從事燈飾及家俱設計已超過二十年,其獨有的美學在藝術及工業設計這兩方面備受讚譽。《移動支燈》、《弦燈》等設計是他的代表作,標誌著他在該領域的領導地位。他的設計理念是保存材料的本質。透過創作,他旨在激發對話 、參與及互動。他的作品在光與影、形式與靜止、物體與空間之間,呈現出嚴肅認真的姿態,卻同時充滿玩味,激發意想不到的活力。

是次新展覽將展出專為該空間設計的燈飾及家俱。當中兩個吊燈作品《Down the Line》和《In the Lines》以阿納斯塔西亞迪斯招牌的黃銅物料製成,高近275厘米,展現線性的燈光效果。《Blah Blah》和《Blah Blah Blah》則為從牆上伸出來的曲線形鉤狀物體。《Horafia , Kastellorizo》幾張凳子是阿納斯塔西亞迪斯發現棗樹切塊所產生的結果。在卡斯特洛里佐島(Kastellorizo)一次常規遠足期間,他在路邊發現了一些棗樹切塊;這些切塊經過仔細修剪打磨,就置於一條被墊起修理中的船旁邊。凳子透過 3-D掃描技術以巴薩崗石製成,帶有琳達•賓格勒斯(Lynda Benglis)早期作品的影子。這些凳子代表即興製作一件可能最初看起來很明顯的物件,後來卻成功引發起許多聯想,使其原來預期的功用變得無關重要。是次展覽經過精心和精確安排,旨在於有機與無機之間達致調和。
*麥可・阿納斯塔西亞迪斯的所有其他作品均可向SHOP Taka Ishii Gallery洽詢。


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