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Muu Nanahoshi – Stars Power

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25 June, 2021
21 July, 2021
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JPS Gallery is pleased to present Stars Power, a solo exhibition by Japanese artist Muu Nanahoshi at the Hong Kong gallery in LANDMARK ATRIUM. The exhibition marks the artist’s first showing in the city. This body of work including paintings, works on cardboard and original wooden sculptures, stemmed from Muu’s self-discovery and creative imagination, exploring the interspace between  reality and the world of fantasy she visits in her dreams.

For the first time, Muu presents her whimsical characters in a form of both traditional Japanese dolls, kokeshi (こけし), and Russian nesting dolls, matryoshka. The wooden sculptures are a three-dimensional extension to Muu’s paintings, bringing her vibrant colors and original characters into the classical Japanese and European style dolls. The exclusive dolls are handcrafted by professional Russian craftsmen which were then hand-finished by the artist herself. Each unique doll is paired with its corresponding work on cardboard. The work sets beautifully reflect Muu’s playful oeuvre and her diversity as an artist. 

With her innovative painterly technique, Muu continues to challenge conventional canvas works with her three-dimensional technique. Presented group of works inherent the paradisiacal and idyllic aesthetic as Muu’s fantastical characters continue their journey in travel of her dreamscapes. Crossing between Muu’s reality and her fantasy worlds, Rinkle is seen visiting landmarks like Mount Fuji in Rinkle “Ichigone & Mt. Fuji” (2021), exploring boundaries of the two dimensions. 

In the emotionally and visually charged paintings, Muu transforms her profound and personal anecdotes into universal narratives through the eyes of her characters. Her works encourage the audience to explore their interpersonal relationships and show greater awareness of their environment. 


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