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No Big Deal I Want More – A Solo Exhibition by Andy Dixon

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Opening / Event Date:
24 August, 2019
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
21 September, 2019
Event Category:

Over the Influence is pleased to present Canadian artist Andy Dixon’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, No Big Deal I Want More, titled after the lyric from Disney’s Little Mermaid’s iconic song Part of Your World. No Big Deal I Want More will open on Saturday 24 August and runs until 21 September 2019. An opening reception for the artist will be held at the gallery from 5 – 7pm on 24 August, 2019.

Exploring themes of decadence, patronage, and the relationship between art and wealth, Andy Dixon draws inspiration from historical objects of luxury. For his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, Dixon will exhibit 15 new works on canvas from three of his ongoing series:  Auction House Objects, Paintings of Paintings, and Patron’s Homes.

Following a common line through Dixon’s practice is a series of auction house objects plucked from recent Christie’s catalogues and titled by their Christie’s identification number, reducing them to a status of commodities.  For his exhibition with Over the Influence, he has included a number of Asian objects sold through Christie’s antiques auctions. Adjacent are Dixon’s Paintings of Paintings, reinterpretations of artworks from the past, contextualized with a contemporary eye. Working from common historical tropes, Dixon reimagines still-life and odalisque paintings as a vehicle for desire. One referencing The Alliance of Love and Wine by Jean-Marc Nattier, shows a man and woman drinking from a carafe, her dress falling below her breast, uninhibited by life’s struggles. In the same vein are paintings of Dixon’s own collectors’ homes, with his works hanging prominently in their living rooms. He has included patrons from the US, Europe, and Asia showing the global reach of his practice. These self-referential works subject Dixon’s own artwork to the queries of the rest of the exhibition – what is value, what is luxury, and who makes these decisions in today’s society? Underlying self-deprecation stirs beneath the surface of his candy-colored canvases – a poignant study in the psychology of value.

Over the Influence欣然呈獻加拿大藝術家Andy Dixon於香港的首次個展「No Big Deal I Want More」。展覽標題取自迪士尼電影《小美人魚》主題曲《Part of Your World》的歌詞。「No Big Deal I Want More」將於2019年8月24日至9月21日展出。開幕酒會將於2019年8月24日下午5時至7時在畫廊舉行。

Andy Dixon的創作從具有歷史性的奢侈物品中汲取靈感,探索頹敗、藝術贊助以及藝術與財富之間關係等主題。是次他於香港的首個展覽囊括三個持續進行中的系列,共15幅新作品,包括:「拍賣行物品」(Auction House Objects)、「繪畫之畫」(Paintings of Painting)以及「贊助人之家」(Patron’s Homes)。

延續Dixon一貫的藝術實踐,他從佳士得拍賣行近期的圖錄中挑選了一系列拍品,並以其編號為標題創作繪畫,將它們降為商品狀態呈現。是次在Over the Influence的展覽還帶來佳士得拍賣行古董部門亞洲藝術拍品主題的畫作。與其並置的是「繪畫之畫」系列,以當代的眼光審視並詮釋歷史藝術作品。從共同的歷史寓意出發,Dixon重新構想靜物和仕女繪畫作為慾望載體之議題。其中一幅作品參考法國宮廷畫家Jean-Marc Nattier的《The Alliance of Love and Wine》(愛情與美酒的結合),描繪一對男女從卡拉夫瓶中飲酒的場景,畫面中女人的衣衫滑落於胸部之下,似乎不受生活掙扎的束縛。展覽還包括描繪Dixon作品藏家之家的系列,他的畫作在其客廳中突出展示。分別來自美國、歐洲和亞洲的藏家顯示出Dixon藝術創作的全球影響力。而這些自我指涉的作品同時將他的藝術實踐置於展覽其餘部分的質疑下:什麼是價值?什麼是奢侈?以及在當今社會,是誰定義和決定這些?在Dixon色彩明豔的畫布表面之下,是潛在的自我貶低,亦是對價值心理學的一項尖銳研究。


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