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Plumes ‘n’ Love by PLUM

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21 November, 2019
2 May, 2020
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In conjunction with Hong Kong Art Week Art Gallery Night, Hong Kong art gallery Art Supermarket is pleased to present Plumes ‘n’ Love, a solo exhibition of selected works from a French artist PLUM.

“Plumes ‘n’ Love” is a celebration for the love of the luxury and the pop culture across our society. These carefully chosen subject matters that hold a symbolic significance throughout our modern history is a record of our time and a collective memory of our society. Influenced by the American culture, some of his works are true odes to the artists he admires – Keith Haring and Robert Indiana, who he pays tribute to.

PLUM has developed his own plumage technique. He selects each feather, for its shape, its texture, its original colour, its curvature. He assigns a specific place to each. Then he dyes them, one by one and pigments up to 2000 feathers to create a canvas. PLUM builds his painting in the rule of an art of which he alone has the secret.

The entire collection is synonymous with the artist’s love and passion for luxury and pop culture and its iconic symbols.

The exhibition opening is at Art Supermarket, 6 pm on Thursday, Nov 21, 2019.


PLUM is an emerging French artist that was born in 1986. He mainly works with feather and focuses on mixed media semi-sculpture. His exhibition were held across different international cities such as New York, London, Lyon, San Francisco, Miami, Tel-Aviv and Mykonos.

Coming from a family of upscale decorators, PLUM’s childhood was surrounded by the aesthetic stimulation of shapes, colours and materials. Drawing with his sculptor uncle from early age also inspired him to develop a taste for plastic work and volumes, and a passion for the finitude of the object. He quickly became interested in fashion and objects. As a self-taught artist, he established a style of his own. Aiming to go beyond the simple line, he started to move his focus to experimenting with feathers, brightness, relief, texture and lightness.

He became PLUM – a name that reflects his childhood: lightness of all that believe in silence and remains hidden – and now he was armed with only one obsession, to create. For several months, under a frenzy of inspiration, he produced and developed this initial concept, marrying in homage the obscure reality of beginning with him, by singing these feathers resting on the black mechanics of a drawing written as negative. His collection is abundant with Chanel Perfume bottles that he has a love for and the skeleton skull that reminds him of his profession as a physiotherapist.

“Plum” is what PLUM called his daughter when she grew up in the womb of her mother, meaning “light as feather”. As an emblematic sign of his art, feathers are presumed to be protective. Finding it would mark the presence of a guardian angel above our heads. In every work PLUM creates, it is a message of love to his daughter.


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