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Questers and the Tables – A Solo Exhibition by Afa Annfa

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27 November, 2020
30 December, 2020
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JPS Art Gallery is delighted to present Questers and the Tables, an exhibition of new paintings by artist Afa Annfa, on view at the gallery’s Hong Kong location in LANDMARK. The show marks her first solo exhibition with the Gallery. The presented works are a series created by Afa amidst the outbreak of COVID-19 in Hong Kong – encapsulating her response to the unique social landscape the global pandemic has brought forth.

As the exhibition title suggested, the show revolves around the story of the Questers and their tables. At the beginning of 2020, Hong Kong since again went into a state of public panic and emergency due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. The sense of urgency and anxieties filled the densely populated city, and as a result, the normality of life is interrupted. With her deep mediation and observation, Afa interacts with the citizen’s reaction towards the dire situation and captured lives in isolation with her metaphorical language. On view as a group, the works are sewed together by the having the table tops aligned with one another to form an engaging collective narrative, highlighting the artist’s concept of through the pursuit of the knowledge and truth, people are therefore joint together in the same horizon.

The presented works are among the most elaborated and mediated paintings by the artists. Characterised by the Afa’s signature fine and detailed brushstrokes, alongside with soft and mellow colour palette including pastel yellow and muted pink, the paintings are created with the artist’s sensibility and sensitivity. She also explores the possibility of utilising symbolism and semiotics in her work, together with the references of popular culture under the context of social landscape, the exhibition tells a compelling story that is all the more relevant in the world we live in today. This series also includes the largest and most elaborate figurative painting of the artist titled We Are Coming Through. The painting exemplifies Afa’s interest in the traditional art history canon by paying homage to the Last Supper by the great Renaissance master, Leonardo da Vinci. Acting as a finale to the narrative, the painting emphasised the theme of isolated yet connected and brought a sense of hope and joy in this troubled time.


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