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Scream – A Solo Exhibition by MeeNaPark

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Opening / Event Date:
4 July, 2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
9 August, 2019
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Over the Influence is pleased to present MeeNa Park’s Scream, a continuation of the theme of Park’s 2005 and 2016 exhibitions of the same name. Since her early work Orange Painting (2002-2003), Park has explored the origin and the influence of icons and visual symbols. Park’s scream paintings evoke Charles Schulz’s unmistakable character, Charlie Brown, abstracted as an icon. The act of screaming and the sound waves it produces are visualized with various gradations emanating from the character’s gaping mouth. But when the icon was first used in 2005, Park didn’t intend for the figure to be seen as Charlie Brown – the original inspiration was actually a drawing on a pencil case. At this time, Park was thinking more about Edvard Munch’s The Scream and the Hollywood movie Scream. Only after people seeing the exhibition kept referencing the similarities to Charlie Brown did Park begin reading and watching Peanuts and collecting the figurines as a way of research. After two iterations of the Scream series, Park went back to it again, painting the screaming figure and heart shapes as the basic rule and introducing variations to insert new content. She equates her series to a fugue – a musical form consisting of a theme repeated in higher or lower notes. This allows her to delve into a subject with infinite variations, approaching it again and again in order to obtain more and more meaning. 

Over the Influence欣然呈獻韓國藝術家朴美娜香港首次個展「尖叫」,展出她自2005至2006年期間同名展覽的持續創作。從早期的「橙色繪畫」(Orange Painting,2002-2003年)開始,朴美娜一直在探索圖標和視覺符號的起源和影響。她的「尖叫」系列繪畫令人聯想到查理斯 · 舒爾茨筆下獨特的人物形象:查理 · 布朗,只不過以更抽象的形式展示。尖叫的行為和它產生的聲波,通過角色張開嘴巴所發出的色彩漸變而生動呈現。然而當這個角色在2005年首次被使用時,藝術家其實並未打算把它看作查理 · 布朗——最初的靈感實際上來自筆盒上的一幅繪畫。當時,朴美娜想到更多的是蒙克著名的作品《尖叫》和荷李活經典電影《驚聲尖叫》。唯有觀看了作品的觀眾不斷提到和查理 · 布朗的相似,她才開始閱讀和觀看《花生》(Peanuts)漫畫,並收集相關的小雕塑作為研究。在「尖叫」系列的兩次迭代之後,朴再次回到原點,將尖叫的人物和心形作為基本元素,並引入不同變體以加入更豐富的內容。她將這些系列看作是賦格曲:一種由高或低音符重複演繹主題的音樂形式。透過這種巧妙的方式,她能深入研究具有無限變化的題材,於一次又一次的創作中,發掘層出不窮的意義。


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