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Seven Dimensions by Matteo Pugliese

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4 September, 2019
3 October, 2019
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From September 4 to October 3, Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery is excited to present the solo exhibition of Italian sculptor Matteo Pugliese (b.1969), titled “Seven Dimensions”, showcasing a total of 35 pieces of sculptures of three series “Extra Moenia”, “The Guardians” and “The Beetles”.

Born in Milan in 1969, Matteo Pugliese is one of the few contemporary artists who skillfully synthesizes classical Italian tradition with contemporary, multi-cultural ideas. He received his degree in Modern literature at the University of Milan with a graduation thesis on Art criticism in 1995. Since his first solo exhibition in 2001, he has held over thirty solo exhibitions in Italy and major cities throughout the world in New York, Rome, Hong Kong, London, Antwerp, Lugano, etc.

“Extra Moenia” series

Passing through walls as if traveling between the past, the present and the next life, or traversing between different worldly situations, Matteo Pugliese’s “Extra Moenia” series captivate the viewer with deep and exacting defined muscles and bone structures. His reinterpretations of classical sculpture are presented in the tense muscles and theatrical gestures of his men, emphasizing the human body as an incredible receptacle for contrasting opposite emotions, forces and tensions.

“The Guardians” series

For this series, Pugliese gives his blessing for life with a silent army of bronze and terracotta warriors. “The Guardians” are meticulously detailed in facial expression, outfit, and weapon with rich cultural references to different geographical origins, from Chinese terracotta to European knights, African tribes to Japanese samurai, and medieval sagas to Gothic fantasy. These imposing statues stand firm with a solid volume and attention, symbolizing peace and protection.

“The Beetles” series

In “The Beetles”, a closer look will show that set into the ceramic collar or the shell of each beetle is some small memento or amulet, such as a footballer from a game of Subbuteo, a Monopoly dice, a pay-phone token, conveying the happy memories from the artist’s childhood.


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