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Shifting Surfaces: Group Show by German Artists

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
5 May, 2016
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
11 June, 2016
Event Category:

Karin Weber Gallery is pleased to present Shifting Surfaces: Group Show by German artists Willi Siber, Angela Glajcar, Udo Nöger and Tina Buchholtz. In this exhibition, the gallery explores artists rooted in a specific culture, yet whose artistic practice defies place or origin.

Art with global resonance differentiates itself stylistically from its more regional counterparts. Uncoupled from a specific locality, it embraces universal and abstract themes which, in turn, invite individual perspectives and interpretations.

In Shifting Surfaces, the artworks are characterized by a wide range of textures, not geographic or cultural references. In this exhibition, shiny steel sculptures and sanded down works in acrylic coalesce with hand-worked paper and gleaming mixed media canvases. The surfaces of these works capture the underlying complexity and unexpected universal simplicity of these pieces.

Willi Siber is a master of blurring the lines that divide sculpture and painting. His glossy, brightly colored surfaces coat steel and wooden structures alike. Angela Glajcar’s ephemeral works in layered paper or glass borrow light and shadow in order to reveal the rich, tactile quality of her medium. Udo Nöger works with paraffin oil to give his canvases an unexpected luminescence. Tina Buchholtz layers her canvases in acrylic only to sand them down, revealing a meandering surface of color bursts and pattern.

Taken together, these artists, born to a single culture, embrace the universal in their artistic practices. Their artworks are accessible to a broader audience because they speak the timeless language of color and form. These surfaces, shifting before the eye, are meant to be appreciated from the viewpoint of the onlooker regardless of their geographical or cultural tethering.

About the Artist

Willi Siber
German-born and based artist Willi Siber is a sculpture artist working in the mediums of wood, resin and steel. His signature pieces include colourful ‘steel straws’ wrapped in knots, and multicoloured ‘bricks’ oozing resin. His works are in the collections of the German Parliament, regional art museums across Germany, and Deutsche Bank.

Angela Glajcar
Mainz, Germany-based Angela Glajcar is a sculpture artist working in paper and glass mesh. The artist hand tears small creations for residential clients and large-scale installations for public spaces. Glajcar has created installations in public and private venues including the Gutenberg Museum, Mainz, St. Peter Kirche Station in Cologne, the cultural department of the city of Frankfurt,  regional museums across Germany, and the Fondazione Amici di Castelbasso, Italy.

Udo Nöger
German-born, California-based Udo Nöger is an abstract artist who employs a multilayered painting process in order to capture and reflect light onto and off the canvas. His works are in the collection of Metropolitan Museum, New York, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Dresdner Bank, Microsoft, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Miami Beach, Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas, and popular with celebrity collectors Bruce Springsteen, Sylvester Stallone, Halle Berry and Elton John.

Tina Buchholtz
Berlin, Germany-based Tina Buchholtz is an abstract expressionist artist who applies innumerable layers of acrylic on canvas and then sculpts the surface using fine sandpaper. The resulting works read like topographical maps with all the hills, valleys and textures associated with an imaginary landscape. Her works are in the collection of the German Parliament, SimbaDickie Group, Dubai, and the Hasso Plattner Foundation.


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