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Singing the Body Electric 歌唱帶電的身體

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
11 July, 2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
10 August, 2019

David Zwirner is pleased to present Singing the Body Electric, a group exhibition curated by Leo Xu at the gallery’s Hong Kong location, featuring work by aaajiao, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Jian Yi-Hong, Wolfgang Tillmans, Wei Jia, and Lisa Yuskavage. The show’s title is derived from Walt Whitman’s ecstatic and politically nuanced poem “I Sing the Body Electric” from Leaves of Grass (1855). The exhibition includes work from across various media that likewise celebrates and complicates themes of the body and desire, while exploring physicality and identity in the context of the synthetic and alienating nature of a highly digitized world.

卓納畫廊香港空間榮幸地呈獻群展《歌唱帶電的身體》,由總監許宇(Leo Xu)策展,帶來aaajiao、菲利普-洛卡·迪 科 西 亞(Philip-Lorca diCorcia)、 費 利 克 斯 · 岡 薩 雷 斯 – 托 雷 斯(Felix Gonzalez-Torres)、 簡 翊 洪 、 沃 爾 夫 岡 · 提 爾 曼斯(Wolfgang Tillmans)、韋嘉和麗莎·約斯卡瓦吉(Lisa Yuskavage)的作品。展覽標題取自華特·惠特曼(Walt Whitman)詩集《草葉集》(Leaves of Grass, 1855)中充滿狂喜與政治隱喻的詩作《我歌唱那帶電的身體》(I Sing the Body Electric)。展覽作品橫跨多種媒介,它們同惠特曼的詩篇一樣,歌頌著身體與慾望,又展示了其中的複雜性,更進一步探索了在高度人造和疏離的數字世界中,當代身體與身份的議題。