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Sun Guangyi Solo Exhibition – BEYOND HEAVENS

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
15 January, 2016
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Closing / End Date:
28 February, 2016
Event Category:

Sin Sin Fine Art delightfully presents a solo exhibition by Sun Guangyi, entitled “Beyond Heavens” – it shows the result of his most recent contemplative discoveries: there are many layers of heaven, many layers of blessing – one after another. It is a distillation of his spiritual journey in twelve years of devoted, self-determined search for the ultimate peace of a freed soul.

Begun with “Awake” (2004), followed with “Blessings – Voyage to Shangri-La” (2005), ‘Blessings – Voyage to Shangri-La – Part II” (2007), “Return to Shangrila – Heaven” (2009), to his last Solo Exhibition at Sin Sin Fine Art in 2011, one could see Sun Guangyi’s continuing efforts to connect his spiritual world with the natural environments he inhabits.

Born 1967 in Liaoning Province, Mengzhou City, Sun Guangyi took great interest in painting at a young age. In 1983 he attended the Shenzhou Art Academy and studied traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, graduating from the Liaoning University of Art and Culture. Having been to the Beijing Yuan Ming Yuan (“Garden of Perfect Brightness” Artist Village), Sun experienced the greatness of the Eastern philosophy, as well as the great scriptures and the old masters. The experience (in the Artist Village) cleansed his soul and made Sun realized the vastness of the universe. The style of his works have been influenced by his being a devoted Buddhist and hence a vegetarian since 1998, following a Buddhist Monk from the Himalayas.

As part of his creative process, Sun Guangyi writes poems, which he calls his “Mountain Diary”. The following are several that he wrote during working on “Beyond Heavens” – translated into English.

The exhibition marks a blessed celebration of 12-year history of his collaboration with Sin Sin Fine Art.


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