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Takashi Hara “PigNation – A story of humanity”

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Opening / Event Date:
24 January, 2019
6:00 am - 8:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
16 February, 2019
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Takashi Hara, b. 1983 Tokyo, Japan

Takashi first understudied the prominent artist Koshin Soeda in Japenese calligraphy in Tokyo later moving on to achieve a Bachelor of Fine Arts Double Major in Painting and Ceramics at the University of Regina, Canada and graduating with a Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics at the Arizona state University in 2015. Having succesful produced a number of exhibtions, commercial projects and artist in residencies internationally he now lives and works in his home City Tokyo.

Pig Nation  

The Japanese contemporary artist hand sculpts porcelain pigs, often positioning them sitting on a long bench or in a specific setting, expressions are of pure joy and encouragement. In his works recently ink work, acrylic paintings, sculpture and installations; “Pig Nation” seeks to communicate a narrative of humanity. Through their abstracted journeys into topical situations there is a message for humanity. As if they are seen to be cohabiting, living on in communities despite having gender, race, and health conditions.

“I got the initial inspiration when I visited Chiran Peace Museum (for Kamikaze Pilots during WWII) to research what and how those teenagers had to go through the whole training and their very last mission. Simply put, I was moved by one photo that has 3 pilots smiling and encouraging each other 5mins before they took off to Hawaii. Not that I’m trying to bring anti-war thing into my art, but I just couldn’t refuse this inspiration towards my little pigs. I didn’t like the idea of making them in a commercial product like way”.          Takashi Hara 

Exhibiting the Pig Nation series for the first time in Hong Kong, Takashi Hara’s porcelain pig sculptures, entitled “8 little piggy’s go to market” at the group exhibition INTERPR8 at A2Z Art Gallery in Hong Kong, Gage street, Central. Located in the heart of the Old Town Central, newly developed wet market in the direct vicinity of two local pork butchers shops.

Takashi’s graced the opening event by performing “live poetry painting”, wearing a designer kimono complete with piglet designs and donning a piggy shaved into his hairstyle, colour died to match his outfit.

As part of the group exhibition INTERPR8, Takashi entered acrylic paintings on wood and fresco investigating the interpretability of the number 8 in different Asian cultures. He used 8 as a number to involve the audience’s feelings into paintings, for example there are many 8s in the written content of one particular painting, these text references have cultural references. When looking into the Eugenics, the artist regards his subject matter to be far more than just a theory for the artist’s chosen topic. Asking questions such as “What does “good” as in a “good person” mean?

The number 8 for the artist in another painting refers to ones expanding anger and rage. 8 “八” (Ha) is the expanding number in Japanese written form. Japanese and Chinese characters can share the same form as they transcribed from the ancient scripts. The two bent lines originally meant “to divide” and was later borrowed to mean 8 making the original meaning obsolete.

In urban society today, people have to move forward with keeping anger subdued and bottled up. Pent up anger builds more energy. This anger is also more expandable when it comes to collectives. Some may say we are not supposed to our keep anger to ourselves. However, this emotion also creates a great motivation for making a change.

Pig Nation – A Story of Humanity

On January 24 until February 16, 2019 A2Z Art Gallery present a solo exhibition with Takashi Hara entitled “Pig Nation – A story of Humanity” at their Hong Kong space to coincide with the Zodiac year of the Pig which will be celebrated on February 5th 2019. The artist’s works show a deep emotional connection with humanity, positioning his symbolic pig characters in settings and situations that unsettle the dust on some situations shedding light on to others and causing a deeper level of audience engagement. Each artwork is created with a unique pig character. Gestural, abstract expressionistic portraits or surrealist sculptures, each individual pig has it’s own DNA like characteristics, personalisation’s, unique features, colour speckles body shape or figurative forms. The pigs are imperfect; in terms of setting and foreshortening the artist opts for abstraction and naturalistic application to his technique echoing the reality that life is also “not perfect”.



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