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The 11th Annual Charity Luncheon for Reach For the HeART

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10 December, 2019
12:30 am - 2:00 pm
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As been our tradition throughout the years, Sin Sin Fine Art will be holding The 11th Annual Charity Luncheon on 10 December 2019 at The China Club to support our Reach For the HeART project.

‘Reach for the HeART’ was initiated by Sin Sin Fine Art and Art in Hospital in 2009. It aims to provide free art workshops and art activities for elderly patients with chronic diseases in public hospitals. Through creating their own art, their minds are stimulated and symptoms of aggressive behaviour are reduced because of the enlightening opportunities that the workshops bring. The artistic temperament encourages dignity, validation and a sense of wholeness.

Kindly RSVP with [email protected] by 18th November 2019 for booking.



Other Events

VIBRANT: Shozo Shimamoto x AU

嶋本昭三, 無題 SHIM-124, 壓克力、漆、於畫布 Shozo Shimamoto, Untitled SHIM-124, Acrylic, paint, on canvas 160.1 x 196.3cm 1965

Gallery: Whitestone Gallery

Opening / Event Date: 3 Oct, 2019

Closing / End Date: 17 Nov, 2019

“Perception”, New Concept in Contemporary Ink Art by Brenda Hong and Anthony Yim


Gallery: Cheer Bell Gallery

Artist(s): Brenda Hong and Anthony Yim

Opening / Event Date: 22 Oct, 2019

Closing / End Date: 2 Dec, 2019


待庵. 180x200cm 纸本设色 2019 ( low res)

Gallery: Galerie Ora-Ora

Artist(s): Liu Qi

Opening / Event Date: 22 Oct, 2019

Closing / End Date: 16 Nov, 2019