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“The Living Wood” – Solo Exhibition by Ye Sen

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Opening / Event Date:
12 March, 2016
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
16 April, 2016
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Opening Reception: 12 March 2016 I 3 – 6pm (*Artist present)

Art Experience Gallery delightfully presents a solo exhibition of Chinese sculptor Ye Sen – entitled “The Living Wood”, his first large scale solo exhibition in Hong Kong, features Ye Sen’s most recent works in vary scales and series. It is often overwhelming to see his works at first impression, yet it is more admirable having discovered the story behind those masterpieces.

Each of his sculptures begins as a single piece of wood, the artist gradually turning it into a lively object complete with interconnecting components and never having separated any parts of it. The concept of “the living wood” demonstrates the versatility of wood as an art material, which the artist frees a piece of wood from its primitive state and transforms it into a flexible living form. Ye Sen’s works explore the vividness of wood by experiment its potential qualities, and the application of carving tools and techniques.

The origin of his early inspiration comes from the old wisdom of some folk items from the Beijing Panjiayuan flea market, such as the flowerpot holder and stool pillow, which display the fundamental techniques of the traditional wood craftsmanship. Aligned with the ancient texts “The Artificers’ Record” written in the Zhou Dynasty, and “Exploitation of the Works of Nature” written by Song Yingxing of the Ming Dynasty, Ye Sen generates these ideas into a foundation which translates the traditional language into a form of contemporary and experimental art, and enables him to reach new conclusions through innovation and imagination. He believes it is important to acknowledge the origin in order to find one’s position at present, and so the future can be revealed.

Each sculpture performs a perfect balance between the artist’s abstract imagination and artisanship, documents an experiment of the traditional wood craftsmanship being taken to a spiritual level. Ye Sen’s creations reflect a humble manner and a strong inner spirit, which respond genuinely to life and nature. This exhibition presents Ye Sen’s latest work from the art series: “Circular Sole”, “Deconstructive Analysis”, “Hollow”, “Sitting and Being Well-versed in the East and the West”, “Snake on a Tree” and “Unfolding”.

*Ye Sen’s works will also be presented at Art Central Hong Kong by Art Experience Gallery (Booth: B16).

About Ye Sen

Ye Sun was born in 1971 in Liaoning, China. He graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in 1998 with a BFA and a Master degree at Experimental Art Institute, China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2015.

Ye Sen is an inveterate experimentalist, he sees art as an experiment to “take reason and logic to the limit.” In his different art series including “Circular Sole”, “Deconstructive Analysis” and “Hollow”, the carved chains that seemingly screwed into other wood components are born of the same wood and never having separated from one another. Audience is often easily confused by the appearance and amazed by the extraordinary artisanship.

“The chains are a symbol of restriction, like the limitation and preconception in our society.” said Ye Sen. “They also symbolize connection, the fact that we are all interconnected.”


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