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Thomas Ruff: Transforming Photography 托馬斯·魯夫:攝影變革

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
22 May, 2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
29 June, 2019
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David Zwirner is pleased to present work by German photographer Thomas Ruff, on view across two floors of the gallery’s Hong Kong location. The exhibition will provide an overview of the artist’s prodigious career, ranging from seminal early series to a new body of work.

Highly influential to subsequent generations of photographers, Ruff’s overarching inquiry into the nature of photographic representation accounts for not only his heterogeneous subject matter, but also the extreme variation of technical means used to produce his series, ranging from anachronistic devices to the most advanced computer simulators and covering nearly all ground in between. As he has noted, “I always want to take the medium of photography into the picture, so that you are always aware that you are looking at an image—a photograph—so, in the picture I hope you can see two things: the image itself, plus the reflection—or the thinking—about photography…. It is as if I am investigating the grammar of photography.”



魯夫對於後代攝影師具有深遠的影響力,他對攝影圖像本質的深入,廣泛的探究使其在同代創作中脫穎而出。上世紀80年代,魯夫作為杜塞爾多夫學派的代表人物在國際上嶄露頭角。他隨後的創作更是涉足多樣的主題與技術,從復古的設備至最先進的數碼模擬器,均體現了魯夫立足攝影媒介本身,通過強調攝影的過程,探討了攝影圖像的。本質及其再現真實的功能正如藝術家所說:“我希望你在圖片中能看到兩件事:圖像本身,以及對攝影媒介的反思或思考… ..我就好像在研究攝影的語法。 “


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