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Time Travel – Cope2 x Afa Annfa x Chino Lam

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18 March, 2021
16 May, 2021
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JPS Art Gallery is delighted to present a crossover project titled “Time Travel” with BELOWGROUND featuring the works of two rising local artists, Afa Annfa, Chino Lam, and street art legend, Cope2. The show is presenting in tandem with the solo exhibition of Cope2, on view in the gallery’s location in LANDMARK, complimenting the artistic oeuvre of the artists.

The exhibition is a celebration of street culture and its legacy. Inspired by the concept of the 1980s cinematic classics Somewhere in Time, where the main character travelled back in time with the right environment and mentality, the exhibition sets the scene for mediation for the audiences, allowing them to travel back in time. The modern subway doors are the portal of time that brings the audience back to the late 1980s, a golden age of graffiti and street art in New York City, a time when Cope2 and his crew were bombing the streets and the subways of the city with their distinctive tags and graffiti.

The seven large-scale collaborative murals set in the station symbolizes the unity of the two generations. Afa and Chino reimagine this epoch in history and view it in the light of today’s context. The shift in time and environment represents the rapid development of street art and the popularization of the subculture as well as its international influence. The exhibition also features Afa’s re-imagination of the original movie poster Somewhere in Time in her signature figurative painting, echoing the show narrative. The enigmatic works of Afa Annfa and Chino Lam are influenced by popular and street culture. Their oeuvres challenge the canonical art historical codes and conventions with their cross medium as well as discipline works. The artists are reworking traditions and finding their own voice, and standing in the history of art. The collaboration captures the pinnacle point of the graffiti boom and is a homage to the rebellious spirit of street art and its inherent defiant attitude. By bringing artists of the different generations in concert, it is a salutation to history while breathing new life into the art form.


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