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Opening / Event Date:
20 May, 2013
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
16 June, 2013
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Established German sculptor Willi Siber (b. 1949) is back for his second solo exhibition in Hong Kong.  Working with pieces of wood, cardboard, pellets, foil, plastics and nails, the artist bonds them to various new creations.  His works in the exhibition are testimonials to his remark once made ‘My work is subject to change’ as they range from classical works of wood to objects consisting of an unusual mix of materials to sculptures made of steel and car paint.His art defies categorization.  He has recently turned to steel, the sculptural material of the 20th century.  Unlike Richard Serra’s rusty Corsten steel plates, Willi Siber disguises his material by covering it with layers of glossy car paint.  Steel pipe segments of various lengths are welded together to form long bands.  The resulting cushion-like components are versatile, with each segment boasting its own form. The light reflection and shade on the glossy surface give the work an air of ease (‘Wall Object’, steel, enamel, 30x32x32cm).Color has gained significance in the artist’s works.  The interplay of the organic origin of wood, lucid emulsions, varnished colour surface and nails creates the illusion of material and brilliant colour (‘Wall Object’, metal, rigid foam, epoxy, 56x56x7).


About Willi Siber

Willi Siber studied sculpture under renowned German artist Herbert Baumann (1927-90) and has a very impressive exhibition record. His works have been shown in numerous art fairs such as ART Cologne, ART Frankfurt, ART Karlsruhe, Art Fair Los Angeles, Art Miami, KIAF Seoul and Art Hong Kong.  His works are in the permanent collection of The German Parliament, Art Museum of Singen and Reutlingen in Germany and Deutsche Bank amongst others.


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