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2 September, 2021
6 September, 2021
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Woaw Gallery is pleased to announce our representation of American artist Charlie Roberts (Kansas, b.1983).

Following the success of his first solo exhibition in 2020, we are featuring his works at UNSCHEDULED 2021. The exhibition is on view from 2 September 2021 to 6 September 2021 at Gallery 16, Asia Standard Tower, 59-65 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong.


The displayed works continue Roberts’ iconic style with a sense of mystery and surrealism. The conceptual idea of meditation and fantasy has formulated the show which ties the artworks together. All artworks carry stories, they are identified as a short form of storytelling. Containing the exquisite details and the imaginative characters, the works create an open-ended narrative for the viewers to interpret the characters, while essentially serve as an opportunity to allow the viewers to make up the story in their own way.


The ethereal, dreamy, distorted space and scenery are based on fantasy which Roberts hopes to constitute a meditative feeling.  With the subject matters situating in nature expressing countryside vibes and leisure atmosphere, the characters looking ahead from the paintings is contrastingly representing solitude, separation from the reality.


About Charlie Robert

Currently situated in Norway, American artist Charlie Roberts, receives his creative inspiration from traditional art, pop culture, hiphop, comics, folk art, and artists such as Matisse, Ensor, Florine Stettheimer, etc. Roberts explores across different medias, blurring the boundaries of forms, breaking established models for art and creation. Charlie Roberts has involved himself in wood sculpting, ceramic production and oil painting. Roberts has the courage to try to create with new materials, styles and techniques; filling his work with energy and unique expressions.


Roberts elongates his figures, making them slimmer and giving them seemingly impossibly long limbs; featuring a cast of humans, animals, and hybrid creatures enacting bizarre, surreal scenarios. One might discover a universe of childhood fantasies referring to Greek myths, fables, ancient narratives and folklore. His works are rendered in different shades of blue and washed-out residual colors, creating a mysterious and ethereal atmosphere.


Graduated from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada and Kansas University, he has held more than 40 individual exhibitions and participated in more than 30 group exhibitions. Galleri Golsa in Norway and Nevven Gallery in Sweden held exhibitions.

Instagram: @colonelcatfish


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