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Wandering Colours and Light – Solo Exhibition of Nancy Chu Woo

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21 November, 2018
22 December, 2018
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Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery is delighted to present the solo exhibition of Hong Kong artist Nancy Chu Woo entitled “Wandering Colours and Light”. The exhibition is curated by Pan Qing, Deputy Director, Department of Curatorial Affairs and Exhibition Design, National Museum of China. It showcases 35 pieces of the ink and gouache paintings from 2016-2018 and early works by Nancy Chu Woo. The artist integrates the unique expression of ink and gouache to create figurative, landscape and abstract paintings in dazzling colours.

Nancy Chu Woo is one of most prominent female artists in Hong Kong. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Cornell University in 1963 and Master of Arts degree from Columbia University in 1964. She has also mastered traditional Chinese ink and brush techniques during her study under Lingnan School masters Zhao Shao’ang and Yang Shanshen.

Having acquired such strong academic training, her work is foremost an expression of her inner being and her understandings of the two great artistic traditions, which transcend a deliberate merge of Eastern and Western materials and techniques, presenting both a panoramic view and a close-up observation of the two worlds.

She combines the bright color, light and shadow techniques in Western painting with smoky cloud effects in traditional Chinese ink painting. She puts different colors on dry ink to achieve the degree of richness and beauty, a level that others dreamed of but failed to reach.

Nancy Chu Woo often draws human figures and landscapes as well. In the images painted by charcoal sticks, the back of a woman, the fruits, and the vegetables are all well-defined, accurate and beautiful. Her works provide a dynamic perception and spiritual vitality that reveal such powerful tension of masculinity and femininity; such tension between Eastern and Western tradition.

Nancy Chu Woo has held important solo exhibitions at Guangzhou Museum of Art, Shanghai Art Museum, the Parliament House in Ottawa, Canada, and the University Museum and Art Gallery at the University of Hong Kong. Her works are collected by Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, the University of Hong Kong, and Guangzhou Museum of Art.





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