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Wish You Were Here! – Ink and colour paintings by Hu Yongkai

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Opening / Event Date:
30 November, 2017
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Closing / End Date:
10 December, 2017
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Yan Gallery is very pleased to present an exhibition of ink and colour paintings by Shanghai artist, Hu Yongkai entitled ‘Wish You Were Here!’.

Hu Yongkai came to prominence in the mid-1980s with his ‘heavy colour’ works on paper and gained the reputation as an artist skilled at brushwork and use of colour. He often depicts women in his works, either flirtatious and sensuous or demure and charming, usually within a classical Chinese setting with antique Chinese furniture, cheongsam dresses and traditional accessories.  His stylized faces are instantly recognizable, earning him the nickname of the ‘Chinese Modigliani’.

As well as working in heavy colour, Hu also paints in Chinese ink and colour, works which are more spontaneous and free in style.  Since the 1990s we have become his sole agent in Hong Kong for these works and it is in this style that we present his latest collection of works.

Hu has spent a great deal of time travelling lately and has visited many countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East – this exhibition represents a personal travelogue of the places he has been to; England, Germany, Spain, Greece, Ukraine, Morocco, Egypt, India, Japan and Mongolia are just some of the places he has visited.  Thus, we see the bright red buses on the streets of London, the pointed black gondolas floating along the waterways in Venice, the sunny blue skies of Greece and the domed mosques of Dubai.  His style is attractive and pleasing, his colours fresh and vibrant.  Hu masterfully captures in ink and colour the essence of the location –whether it be the dry heat of the desert or the drizzling rain in the city.  He expertly depicts the location and conveys the atmosphere, creating convincing and highly desirable works.

In addition to the paintings we will also be presenting a few of Hu’s calligraphy works.  Hu has practiced calligraphy for many years and his style is influenced by the slim line characters of Zhao Ji (1082-1135), however he makes the calligraphy his own by blending tradition with his own unique characteristics.

Hu was born in 1945 and studied at the Central Academy of Art in Beijing.  He is a member of both the Hong Kong and Chinese Artists’ Association and executive member of the World Chinese Artists’ Association.  He is deputy dean of Beijing Hai Hua Gui Art Institute and chairman of Hong Kong New Arts Association.  After graduating from the Central Academy he taught at the Fine Arts Insititute at Shanghai University.  He moved to Hong Kong in 1988 and then four years later he migrated to the U.S. where he was granted the right of permanent residency due to his outstanding expertise in art.  Currently he lives between Hong Kong, Beijing and Shenzhen.


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